For a few years now, Tucker Carlson has been waking up Fox News watching, working-class Americans to what their demographic replacement will look like – for themselves, for their children – and their children’s children.

The left doesn’t like this very much — not one bit. And even though leftist operatives tirelessly work to turn the country into a majority-minority state like California, unfortunately for them, they still rely on the Fox News watching demographic, the white working class namely, to side with them to win elections. The last thing they need is for a news anchor with one of the most watched shows in America to wake this demographic up (with arguments) to their impending status as a despised and ‘formerly oppressive’ minority, and what that will mean for them.

And as anyone familiar with leftist tactics is well aware of, when they fail to win people over and persuade them with sound logical arguments, which they have none, they always resort to vicious personal attacks and character assassination attempts.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that the ultra-leftist, George Soros funded Media Matters group which is dedicated to conservative character assassination would go back thirteen years and comb through countless hours of video and audio recordings to find a couple of off-colored lines uttered by the Fox News host.

Over the weekend, Soros’s Media Matters foot soldiers finally found what they were looking for when they came across a recording of Carlson making remarks which would offend some easily offended people on the shock jock radio program Bubba the Love Sponge.

Since then and after the release of the audio recording, like they always do, the left broke out in a frenzy of collective outrage, calling on Carlson to apologize and for Fox News to sack him.

But many companies pulling their advertising from the show, neither Carlson nor Fox News bent to the weak wills of the leftist outrage mob.

It may be that the left’s strategy to shame conservatives out of the public sphere is just not working like it once did. After fake outrage campaigns like the one carried out against the Covington Catholic boys, the American public doesn’t seem to be buying what the left is selling anymore since it is they, the left, who are the ones with obvious hatred in their hearts for Fox News watching, Trump supporting, working-class Americans.

One thought on “The Next Soros Target”
  1. Simply put George Soros hates America and will do anything he can do destroy it and guarantee his ability to continue doing anything he wants to do. All you Nationwide Insurance carriers just keep pumping money into his hands over and over again. Wait until you need to collect, it won’t happen.

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