In the wake of the Mueller report that he, and many Americans believe totally exonerates him of most accusations, President Trump has demanded an apology from the New York Times.

In typical Trump fashion, the president tweeted that The Times should beg for his forgiveness for the way it covered him in relation to the Russia probe.

“I wonder if the New York Times will apologize to me a second time, as they did after the 2016 Election,” the president wrote in a series of tweets.

“But this one will have to be a far bigger & better apology. On this one they will have to get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness – they are truly the Enemy of the People!”

Trump Lashes Out at All Media

Trump spent the Easter weekend golfing in Florida but since his return to Washington, D.C. he has been on a Tweeter Tirade, tweeting and retweeting over 50 times in 24 hours, mostly about the media and their coverage of him. In a series of often scathing and uncomplimentary tweets, Trump gave a rundown of coverage, which went: “Fox and Friends” (“best of the morning political shows on television”), “Morning Joe” (helped him get elected but “too Angry, Dumb and Sick”), CNN (“a proven and long term ratings and beyond disaster”).

But, it was New York Times columnist Paul Krugman that really raised his ire, when he wrote, in the wake of the release of the Mueller Report, that “the occupant of the White House betrayed his country.” That is what prompted the president’s demand for an apology from the Times.

But rather than any kind of an apology, The New York Times public relations account responded to the tweet with a quote from publisher A.G. Sulzberger’s February statement about Trump’s attacks on the press, writing “The phrase ‘enemy of the people’ is not just false, it’s dangerous. It has an ugly history of being wielded by dictators and tyrants who sought to control public information.”

Trump, as he did in this most recent tweet, has said the newspaper has “apologized” for the way it covered him in 2016, something the paper has constantly denied doing.

In the series of Tweets against the media since the release of the Mueller Report, Trump also said, “In the “old days” if you were President and you had a good economy, you were basically immune from criticism. Remember, ‘It’s the economy stupid.’ Today I have, as President, perhaps the greatest economy in history… and to the Mainstream Media, it means NOTHING. But it will!”

10 thoughts on “Trump Wants “Bigger and Better” Apology From the New York Times”
  1. LOL. little d. trump needs to get down on his knees and abjectly apologize to the American people for his behavior. That includes apologizing profusely to the Media.

  2. President Trump is dreaming if he thinks the state of the economy are keys to his re-election. The opposition will not allow that truth to penetrate the permafrost the mass media has created. The halo of economic well being has been cocked askew by the Left which no longer cares for the truth or the well being of most. The Left is caught up in a religious crusade whose meme is not only that the end justifies the means , but the end is a pyramid of power for its own sake as those who sit atop will be the high priests of entry to heaven and hell. In the upside down world in which the Left frolic, the only power worth pursuing is the power over life and death. Though the Left cannot create life, they glory in the next best thing, the taking of life. It is the arrogation unto themselves the power over the many and the call to the many to sacrifice themselves for an ideal too great to apprehend fully that is the mystery religion of the modern day. It is the magnetic attraction and access to an orgiastic ritual sacrifice of the many, that is the lure for the lair of the elite.

    1. You folks who refuse to see the danger this President poses to the democracy of our country are amazingly agile at finding excuses for him and for defaming “the Left” at every opportunity, and it is just stupid. The Left “…no longer cares for the truth or the well being of most”…??
      Ahahaha! Wow…that really takes some brass ones to even consider saying or putting to print. This President has LIED…PROVABLY lied-thousands of times in the span of just over 2 years, and has repeatedly exposed and expressed his loathing or disinterest in anyone not named Trump or anyone who disagrees with him. His policies, if you can find any, are not for the betterment of the world, they are for the betterment of his own bank accounts and those of his similarly afflicted family and associates. His choices for cabinet are the complete opposite of what’s best for the people of our nation…and are clearly made for approval and “luv” from dictators and other impudent, out-of- touch corporate royals. None of them gives a shit about you or me. And still, you line up behind his mammoth ass and kiss it while he convinces you to believe that those of us on your left are your “enemies” rather than fellow Americans.
      You say, “the Left is caught up in a religious crusade whose meme is not only that the end justifies the means, but the end is a pyramid of power for its own sake as those who sit atop will be the high priests of entry to heaven and hell.”
      Now wait a minute. First, my experience has been that it is YOU, on the Right, who are the ones judging who goes to heaven or hell. We are smart enough to understand that those kinds of decisions are far above our pay grade, Also, we are NOT the folks who have appropriated and weaponized religion. A pyramid of power?! On the Left!!? Have you ever actually talked to a Lefty? Can you really not see, or is it your choice to not see that the real PYRAMID OF POWER starts with Trump, moves to his children, on to his circle of corrupt and ELITIST cabinet members, then disgraces himself and us…both of us, you and me…by embracing and approving of murderous dictators around the world, all while blowing off our greatest allies and claiming that he is ‘cleaning out the swamp’?
      You have a lot of nerve suggesting the Left has any interest in your “religious crusade”… or in becoming “high priests of entry into heaven or hell.” The way you people have appropriated religion or Christianity as your own, private hate group to beat the life out of American liberty is shameful. There is very little in the “Christ” part of the Bible that encourages us to hate one another, or that shows any patience for bullies who attempt to hurt others. That you are willing to accept this liar in chief as a “man of god” would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so Twilight Zone weird. That you would emulate such a vulgar hustler and further his propaganda against entire groups of humans, including people of your own country, neighborhoods, even your own families is surely not very “Christian”?
      The condescension of your language in describing “the Left… frolicking…pursuing the power over life and death”[because we] “cannot create life, [so we] glory in ….the taking of life” is such a stupid trope it’s ridiculous. I don’t know where you get the idea that we lefties “cant create life”…? Really? As far as I know, we lefties are about as fertile as you right wingers, and most of the lefties I know have lovely, strong families. We also are generally the ones whose goals are to create BETTER life for those around us, through music, art, poetry, literature, theater; by working to ensure our neighbors have enough food to survive, enough heat in winter, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, health care to protect themselves and their loved ones, information about ways to prevent having more children than they can possibly afford, and offering help, counseling, guidance and hope when they need it.
      We are NOT the folks who resist having employers provide a decent living minimum wage. We are NOT the folks who believe that health care is a privilege for the wealthy and not a right for every citizen. We are NOT the folks who believe that destroying the Earth God gave us is our right because He said that we”have dominion” over it and that means we can strip from it every mineral and resource, pollute the waters and air, too, because even if we do f–k it up, He will just come in and “fix it”. or maybe He’ll just call it a day, get Armageddon going and take all of you self appointed “good guys” up in the Rapture and kill off the rest of us ne’er do wells and our stinking planet. None of that sounds like a very respectful way of treating such a gift.
      In the meantime, we Lefties are the folks who do NOT allow an entire AMERICAN city to languish in the brutality of poison in its drinking water. We are the folks who do NOT allow an entire island of AMERICAN CITIZENS to suffer the aftershock of the worst hurricane in the island’s history, withholding resources desperately needed to survive, including food, water, electricity, or medicine because “it costs too much”, and anyway, that nasty mayor of San Juan was disrespectful to Donny Dump”.
      No, no, no!….I’m so sick of you folks passing yourselves off as the truly righteous, truly believing, truly favored children of God because you want to “save the millions of babies” lost to abortion around the world. Your claims of being the party of the “right to life” is another one of those despicable Orwellian doublespeak terms that props you up and allows you to feel morally superior because it’s all about “babies”. And it’s bullshit.
      First of all, I realize that refusing to believe that our planet is in climate crisis leaves room for you to dispute the notion that everyone should “go forth and multiply”. But the truth is, we are dangerously close to the point that we are going to run out of clean water and healthy food, among all other resources. Pretty soon, rather than going to war for oil, we will be fighting for something as simple and absolutely crucial as WATER. But that’s a whole different discussion.
      Secondly, the number of “right to lifers” who decry the importance of abortion rights & care for women-real, live, sentient, breathing humans-and then find themselves wholly advocating for it when their mistresses or daughters find themselves “in distress” is absurd. Even PRIESTS and pastors who diddle in the parish pool are known to send those “mistakes” to the local hospitals to get rid of the evidence of their own duplicity…they don’t use the clinics, of course, because that would mean they were just as “dirty” as the women who depend on them for help because they have no other means…as in, the wealthy politicians and the piously religious go to hospitals and abort the pregnancy in private so nobody who might pay attention knows WHY they are there. Could be, oh, I don’t know…a kidney infection? Bladder? Anxiety? Exhaustion? Because it’s ok if you LIE about that in order to… not upset your fellow hypocrites?
      And just in case you missed it, the Left, despite what your faithless leader has told you, do NOT want open borders, we do NOT want criminals and rapists and drug dealers coming into our country….why on earth would you believe such a stupid thing? We welcome our suffering neighbors to the south and Middle East seeking the safety of the US and who already love our country and are willing to work to become a part of it. We welcome those traveling to the US in order to find work, to find a better life for their families. We DO want sensible, humane regulations and immigration protocols that those in DC making the laws deem important enough to fully fund and operate.
      We do NOT want to take your stupid guns…(although I’m beginning to think that maybe we really SHOULD…) we just want to make as sure as is possible that those owning guns have the proper background, training, mental health, and a healthy respect for life-human and animal- before they are allowed to possess an instrument designed for one specific purpose–to KILL. We DO believe that those of you who are paranoid enough to think those are bad things are probably so vehement against regulating them that you know you wouldn’t pass the test. (And those are your pals with entire armories of weapons.)

      So what do Lefties really want? Here’s a sample:
      We DO want to provide an evidence-based, standard, guided education for our children and vaccines to keep them safe from life-threatening illness while they are in their classrooms.
      We DO want the children coming into the classroom fully fed and able to think about the curriculum and not about how hungry they are.
      We DO want our first-responders to be able to help in a crisis with the proper, workable equipment, including overdose antidotes for those in trouble, and proper training and social awareness to not make a crisis worse.
      We DO want our roads paved and maintained, access to the internet and other technology for everyone, safe and secure cyber environment free from propaganda within and outside our country
      We DO want everyone to be able to choose their educational path, and when they do,
      We DO want them to be able to support themselves with the dignity of a living wage, proper health care, medical/parental leave when needed, the ability to work a 40-hour work week and time off to be with family.
      We DO want to ensure the rights of every American citizen to vote-a constitutionally guaranteed right- and to have their votes counted;
      We DO want to ensure the rights of every human being to love who they love, and to protect those who don’t fit a narrow societal definition of family, marriage, identity or self worth.
      We DO want to know that the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe are safe and not lethal;
      We DO want to be able to preserve the beauty of nature-the mountains, the oceans, the trees, the cities- and not have those beautiful reminders desecrated by spilled toxic goo or melting ice caps or flooding rivers brought on by industries with a singular, mercenary goal…MORE MORE MORE!
      Finally, we DO want to preserve LIFE… life that is living, life that thinks, emotes, loves and is loved. We DO want to preserve the lives of women with families, with hardships, with aspirations, and who may have made mistakes. And just so you know, there isn’t a woman on this planet who WANTS to have to make that kind of choice. NOT ONE. Even “Lefty” women don’t “frolic” or find joy in such a painful choice. But IT IS HER BODY, IT IS HER CHOICE. Those of you who find such religious justification for denying women those choices are pretty pompous in your belief that its up to YOU to decide what happens between a woman, her partner, her doctor, and her GOD. Your lack of faith in your God’s justice is further proof of your own inflated self-importance. Who are you? Are you so convinced of your own significance that you think you can make God’s decisions for Him? How does that work, anyway? Humble servant or vain usurper?
      So you can take your sanctimonious ignorance about who we are versus the bully you choose to follow blindly, and you can choose to think about your life, your ideas, your actions and prejudices, allow your eyes and your minds to open, or you can continue ignore the obvious dangerous impulses of the radical, bloviating Right causing growing levels of hate, misogyny, prejudice, superstition, and ignorance. That misery is being fueled by those YOU choose to revere in spite of the hate, superstition, loathing they feel for YOU. One way, we can go back to having conversations; the other, we can go back to war.

    2. Your belief that Donald Trump is a positive force for the United States is naive and borders on being delusional. He has been a major force in the marginalization and persecution of minorities in this country and legitimizes similar behavior in other counties by the weight of his political position.
      Donald Trump’s inappropriate contact with foreign nationals by way of his business dealings puts our country at risk as a force of reason and authority in the world. JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, George,Bush Sr., Clinton and Obama all comported themselves in amanor befitting the office of the President, the leader of the free world. Donald Trump is an undisciplined child. He uses his position to bring people to his hotels and resorts and lines his pockets at the expense of the American people. He styles himself a Russian oligarch, doing what he wants and scoffing at the rules of appropriate behavior because he feels he is above the law.
      Unfortunately, the Republican Congress is more interested in staying in power than doing the right thing and demanding that Trump comport himself in a manner that befits the office. Policy cannot be effectively tweeted in a fit of rage or an impulsive response to a news program. That kind of volitility is exactly what causes instability in the world financial situation of which the US is a part. It is no surprise that our Allies are distancing themselves from us. God forbid that we experience another attack on the scale of 9/11. there will be no one willing to come to our aid.
      Your claim that the economy has bounded back under Trump’s management is equally naive. Economic recovery moves at a glacial pace. The highs we are enjoying right now are a direct result of the financial policies of the previous administration, not,those of Trump. Inhanced Healthcare was one of many social booms that helped to stimulate the economy and helped middle and lower income families breath a collective sigh of relief which translated into greater spending and economic stimulation. The one 1% do not have as much of an economic impact on the economy as the 99% but they do tend to have a greater influence over financing of political events and influencing elections.
      Politics and the truth seldom intersect but the fate of the United States and its future greatness depend on some truthful analysis of how dangerous the current state of affairs is for the US under this president.
      We will have an opportunity to elect a president that understands the interconnectivity of all countries and appreciates that the US is a nation built from immigrants and immigration going back over 15,000 years ago to when the first Paleolithic hunters crossed the icebridge from Berengia to settle in the west. America can be great but only if its leaders have the interest of everyone of its citizens and visitors at heart.

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  4. Trump will win 2020 by a landslide.
    The Democratic Party has gone so far left , Bernie Sanders is the front leader, then Biden.
    Sanders message let’s make a America a socialist Country.
    Remember nothing, and I mean nothing is free. Within 5 years the US will look like the once most wealthiest Countries in the world Venezuelan. They are now fleeing by the 100,000 to other Countries, due to no food, medicine, not to mention the violence in their Country.
    No thanks Bernie.
    And one last thing he will allow terrorists that carried out attacks on America soil, and every other prisoner, including the scum that bombed and killed Americans at the Boston marathon.

  5. You are PROOF at how DUMB & EVIL people have become nowadays!! If there are more MORONS who think like you!!?? Then I know for sure THAT THERE IS NO HOPE FOR AMERICA!! PEOPLE LIKE YOU SHOULD ALL BE ROUNDED UP AND SHOT BEFORE A FIRING SQUAD OR BURNED ALIVE!!

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