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The editors and writers of Patriots4Freedom are dedicated to searching out threats to American Freedom. Don't stand by while the nanny state takes away your choices, or Big Tech stifles your free speech. Take a stand and fight for your liberty!

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    11B Infidel

    When I was stationed there in the 80’s and 90’s, the Turks were the primary culprits of such behavior. They avoided the American Soldiers most of the time because they knew we all (at least the smart ones) carried knives too. Like most laws here in the US, it’s nice to have but how will it be enforced?

  2. 2


    What would that accomplish? Guns are already outlawed, and people won’t be able to protect themselves. The criminals will just hide their knives until they’re ready to use it.

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    Stud Muffin

    They might want to ban firearms as well…Oh. Wait!!!


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