Perhaps the KOOL-AID ran out or maybe disgruntled, disillusioned progressives are no longer accepting the 1897 slogan “all the news that’s fit to print” after being blind-sided for nearly 3-years by the Mueller Report, or perhaps more likely than not the New York Times is taking a long hard look at what happens when you continue to “BS” your audience.

As witnessed on Monday to CNN, announcing once again a new round of layoffs, this time the Atlanta based Media Company is axing as many as 300 senior staffers, as a direct result of their less-then-accurate news coverage.

This is perhaps the real reason why senior editors at the NYT are final and no doubt begrudgingly admitting that President Trump is correct there is indeed a crisis at the border, and it needs to be addressed immediately.

That astounding assessment urging Congressional Democrats to get serious about the problem, including a call to fulfill the Trump administration’s latest budget request with a headline that read; NYT Editorial Board: ‘Trump Is Right’ About Border Crisis, Congress Should Approve Funds

The “paper-of-record” went a step further imploring Congress to give the President the emergency funds he requested, writing that the President was right about a crisis on the border.

The stunning “about-face” for the iconic progressive tabloid began with their Sunday editorial edition, featuring a headline that reads; “Congress, Give Trump His Border Money,” which argued that

Democrats should approve the $4.5 billion in funds that were requested by Russell Vought, the Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget in a letter he sent to congressional leaders.

“We are continuing to experience a humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border of the United States,” Vought wrote.

“Apprehensions are expected to surpass one million by the end of the year, more than doubling those compared to last year. The number of large-scale groups of family units and unaccompanied alien children (UAC), primarily from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, seeking to enter the country and claim asylum has increased dramatically.”

The Times article continued; “President Trump is right: There is a crisis at the southern border. Just not the one he rants about,” the editors wrote.

Their disagreement with the President concerning his demand for a border wall, and positioning the crisis as a national security issue rather than a humanitarian crisis, is perhaps designed to give the Times some cover, concerning their progressive base, still to have the Times actually drop their public progressive facade, may actually prove to be a worthwhile endeavor for all concerned…in short “it can’t hurt.”

The Editorial Board continued; “As resources are strained and the system buckles, the misery grows,” they write. “Something needs to be done. Soon. Unfortunately, political gamesmanship once again threatens to hold up desperately needed resources.”

Urging Democrats to approve the funding, but cautioned that Trump needed to grant some concessions as well. “If the White House is serious about needing the money, it should be prepared to agree to a few conditions, and convey the need for flexibility to Senate Republicans…” they wrote.

“Both sides need to dial back the fighting words, resist the temptation to finger-point and find a creative way through this minefield.”

This last paragraph sounds like the adults within the Times have taken control (at least temporarily). Hopefully, this sense of bipartisanship will become infectious within the hallowed halls of Congress, however knowing the players I doubt that even the New York Times in their rare moment of clarity can penetrate their “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.”

3 thoughts on “WOW: NYT Editorial Board admits President is right, there is a Border Crisis”
  1. A “manufactured crisis”
    “Just a few stragglers walking to the border from Central America”

    LIARS, LIARS, LIARS, LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    1. I wouldn’t call caravans of thousands a few stragglers. There is a definite crisis at the border. Illegal immigrants are a definite enormous problem. They bring diseases, people claim children that don’t belong to them, criminals, they come broke and expect us to feed , cloth, medical attention to their sick, etc. We need border walls built , etc. I feel sorry for all the border agents dealing with these high amounts of people that keep coming!

  2. Democrats and a few Republicans need too stop wasting taxpayer dollars. And get too work.Muller job is done. And the American PEOPLE r sick of the bull in WASHINGTON. You all should b working with PRESIDENT Trump. To get The United States of America. Your ATTENTION.As the shit runs down hill Nancy Pelosi you are looking smaller every day that s how most Americans see you.someone in the house needs to warm you mike.,and put you too bed.As the speaker of the house you are the biggest baby that ever had the speakers job.And you can’t even give the American PEOPLE a good reason for your behavior.

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