Summer is almost upon us, and sending our kids to summer camp is almost a prerequisite if you’re a caring parent living within an urban environment of a big city, moreover having your child spend a few weeks in the great out doors enjoying the wonders of nature can give your child a memorial experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

However for many the cost of sending a child to summer camp can be prohibitive running into many thousands of dollars, although “Budding Roses Summer Camp,” located in Portland, Oregon may have a deal for you, almost too good to resist, a “FREE” summer camp for youngsters within fourth to eighth grade.

Moreover if you reside in the far-left city of Portland, there’s a good chance that you’ve already been indoctrinated into the extremist far left culture sponsored by Antifa.

Although the summer camp has been in operation for three years within the greater Portland area it hasn’t received much national attention, choosing instead to selectively target it’s audience with online flyers, perhaps hoping to stay under the national media’s raider screen, for obvious reasons, selecting it’s audience carefully.

That is until “Budding Roses Summer Camp,” inadvertently sent one of its online flyers to Jeff Reynolds of “PJ MEDIA.” Reynolds who happens to be a communications professional specializing in media and messaging immediately flagged the summer camp as an extremist indoctrination camp targeting children, similar to those terrorist camps within the Middle East.

Reynolds also provides guidance to political campaigns ranging from state legislative to presidential candidates, routinely consulting with nonprofits and political organizations, and also having the distinction of serving 4-years as the Chairmen of his counties Republican Party.


The online flyer Reynolds received serves as a backdrop in exposing the extremist groups assembled under the banner of “Budding Roses Summer Camp, sponsored by Antifa along with a number of lesser known anarchist groups attempting to indoctrinate children as young as 8-years old.

Reynolds notes that part of the oh-so-kid-friendly offer of sending children to “free social justice summer camps and year-round workshops for Portland-area youth in 4th-8th grade,” including “a combination of community-building activities, discussions on social justice topics, interactive workshops, movies, arts, games, and free time,” sounds almost palatable to the average liberal.

However a closer look at the group’s website reveals a more sinister motive which includes “a political vision with the goal of eliminating imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and creating lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment,” no doubt a fun summer topic in between receiving a free lunch and perhaps milk and cookies as a snack.

As if that wasn’t bad enough their Facebook page is replete with potential lesson plans by “Anarchist Pedagogy in Action,” which instructs children in how to assemble for mass demonstrations and eventual confrontation, the Facebook page also has photos of camp instructors and children drawing up war plans for freeing animals supposedly caged by evil corporations. These plans entailed establishing blockades and lockdowns to take over the company and free the creatures.

The camp also provides a number of so called counselors from other extremist groups who volunteer their time to teach children why capitalism, the United States justice system, and traditional gender roles must be abolished and dismantled.

Their website lists the camps overall philosophy; “Workshops and discussions are often held in collaboration with local activists and community organizations. In the past two summers, we have worked with the Burgerville Workers Union, Critical Resistance PDX, the Transformative Lenses Collective, and DUG (Deep Underground)!”

Another extremist organization contributing their expertise to the “Budding Roses Summer Camp” is the “Black Rose Anarchist Federation.” This group although not as popular among the rag tag army of anarchists as Antifa, nevertheless boasts on their website that they’re “a political organization with locals in over a dozen cities sharing a common set of politics and creating a shared strategic vision of how to build “popular power” in workplaces, neighborhoods, schools and all sectors of society towards the goal of libertarian socialism. Our organizing work is centered on building mass movements such as tenant unions, neighborhood assemblies, workplace campaigns, student unions, prisoner organizing, and in defense of communities resisting criminalization and deportations.”






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