A new study conducted by Professor Emeritus in Economics Lars Calmsfors has revealed that Sweden – compared to Norway, Denmark, and Finland – has the most difficulty integrating newly arrived migrants into the labor force.

In the study, Professor Calmsfors notes that one of the central problems with getting newly arrived migrants to work is that most are unskilled or low-skilled workers, and the hurdles for entry into the unskilled or low-skilled occupations is substantially higher for them, Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

“It is an obstacle in Sweden that we have a high minimum wage. This then applies to retail and hotels and restaurants where many low-skilled people can get a job,” Professor Calmfors pointed out, adding, “I think we would also need a lower minimum wage. Then one could try to do it in such a way that one does not lower the minimum wage in general, but one tries to construct new types of low-qualified jobs that can simply be paid less.”

The Germans have endeavored to implement a similar program in which the government subsidized so-called one euro per hour job, with the goal of putting 100,000 migrants to work. Unfortunately, the program has been less than successful. In fact, a report from earlier this year revealed that close to 65 percent of ‘asylum seekers’ who made their way to Germany in the last few years remained jobless.

Of those migrants who did happen to find employment, the median monthly salary was only 1,564 euros.

“It’s not easy to find a job. Immigrants need to fight a little extra, in fact, ” Eman – a recently arrived Palestinian migrant – explained to Sveriges Radio.

“You need to have a network that helps you find a job,” Eman added.

The disparity in unemployment rates between migrants and native Swedes is considerable. Last year, figures released by the Swedish Public Employment Service indicated that the unemployment rate for native Swedes was less than 4 percent in contrast to the rate for migrants which stood at almost 20 percent.

3 thoughts on “Sweden struggles to get migrants to work”
  1. I think this is something that could have been easily anticipated. Not only are they unskilled as long as you keep caring for them with food cloothing etc. they will stayed unskilled. Why work when you can eat for free?

  2. The Swedes are destroyong their country with an overly generous welfare system that encourages migrants to live off the state. When the country becomes majority Muslim in 50 years, it will be all over for this once prosperous nation. Sweden long ago sewed the seeds of its own destruction by adopting a social welfare state promoted by Marxists like Gunnar and Alva Myrdal and Olaf Palme.

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