Cops Searching for Dastardly Hunter Who Gunned Down Bald Eagle | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    I agree 100%…this was, indeed, a horrible thing to have happened…BUT…please do not have a typical knee-jerk reaction to it and be so quick to lay the blame on a “hunter”. No self respecting hunter would ever do such a thing. A stupid someone with a shotgun, yes, but certainly NOT a hunter. You can spin this any number of ways; a young kid looking for kicks and just indiscriminately shooting at anything that fly’s close by, a drunk who should never have had a firearm in his possession, a poacher who wanted an eagle and didn’t recover it, etc, but certainly NOT any law abiding hunter. This kind of slander and assumption gives all hunters, nationwide a bad reputation and name.

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    I believe anyone that would kill our National Emblem. should suffer the consequences, of course, i won’t kill anything, i once went deer hunting with my fellow workers, and got a deer, but felt remorse, for killing one of. Gods creachers, so the next year I went along just for the comradery, and I didn’t even take a gun, and a fellow employee shot an extra deer, and told me if I would tag it with one of my deer tags and field dress the animal, I could have it. And the next year I was invited to go along, and I decided I didn’t like th taste of venison, so I didn’t even go, and I have never killed an animal since, I don’t even go fishing. Now I haven’t quit eating meat, it’s just the killing that bothers me.


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