An illegal immigrant living in Mississippi has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping a 12-year-old girl after he followed her into a restaurant bathroom and forced her to give him her telephone number and address.

The 38-year-old illegal immigrant rapist, Valentin Ariosto Alfonso-Arguello, was charged with sexual battery and was subsequently arrested last September in the small city of Ridgeland.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office stated that Alfonso-Arguello met the girl at a restaurant in Ridgeland – around 12 miles north of Jackson – where he worked. Authorities have yet to release the name of the restaurant, but Alfonso-Arguello reportedly was an employee.

Around 3 am the following morning, the mother of girl – to her horror – woke up at her home to find her daughter’s bedroom empty. Next, she would see the girl walking through the front door while a truck sped off into the night with one of its doors still open, according to a news release from the district attorney’s office.

Later, the 12-year-old girl revealed to her dad that Alfonso-Arguello began texting her after his shift had ended, saying that he wanted to see her and that he was on his way to her house.

The victim then left her house to get into the truck with Alfonso-Arguello, where the 5-foot-tall, 135-pound man then forced himself onto her and raped her after she told him ‘no’ over and over again while attempting to get out of the truck, according to a press release from Rankin County District Attorney John Bramlett Jr.

After being interview by the Children’s Advocacy Center, the 12-year-old victim’s story was deemed credible and consistent with what she had communicated to her father and nurses at the hospital where she went to be examined.

The police were also able to recover Alfonso-Arguello’s cellphone, where they discovered text messages to and from the victim which verified her allegations and the timeline that she had given.

Katie Moulds, the Assistant District Attorney in Rankin County, told reporters that eight years of Alfonso-Arguello’s 20-year sentence would be suspended, and that after serving his prison sentence he will be required to register as sex offender and serve five years of supervised probation, unless that he’s deported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Following court sentencing, District Attorney John Bramlett Jr. had this to say: “Every day in America young girls are coerced to meet men who have ill intent toward them. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where a much older man talked a young girl into meeting him and forced her to have sex… We have zero tolerance for people like Alfonso-Arguello and we will continue working toward ridding our streets of criminals like him.”

6 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Sentenced 20 Years For Raping 12-Year-Old ”
  1. The criminal element of these persons coming across our borders, once they are found guilty of a capital crime, these individuals need to to taken to the wall where they receive a execution.
    If they are deported, they will just come back. Do the same thing and know that their prison time will be reduced. They should be eliminated! If you don’t want use a bullet, put them to sleep, so they never wake up.
    Once the word gets out that America now eliminates the scum of the earth found on her shores. These scum will learn to live elsewhere.

  2. Thank you. This story should serve as a warning to all perverts, that they will be caught. And to president trump, not to pardon this man, although they have so much in common.

  3. Rape, murder,muggings and maiming of U.S. citizens by illegal people in this country unfortunately does not appear to be a high priority to our Democratic brethern. They are marching to a drum that keeps beating ” hate Trump”, “get Trump”, “hate Trump”, “get Trump”. If Barack Obama reached and grabbed the “magic wand” he said wasn’t there ( which was always there for the grabbing) and done all of the positive things for this country that President Trump has done, Obama would have been hailed as a hero. They hate Mr. Trump because some leftist wingnut told them to. Liberalism is a mental illness.

  4. God help us to survive the evil way that is being forced on us. This is not the way You intended the people to be. Amen

  5. Zero tolerance should mean he can not rape again because he has the death penalty. A 20 year sentence isn’t enough. He gets 8 years off of 20. 12 years to do it again.

  6. The 12 year old girl in a rape case should be blamed for meeting and getting into a truck
    of a man she barely knew! She should also be blamed for giving him her phone number and
    address and did not tell her parents her encounter with this rapist!

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