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    this group of congressional blow-hards has taken the record of total uselessness.the racial bullshit that the communist democrats espouse every time their mouth opens is really getting old .they have done zip.natha.nothing for the american people. EVERYTHING THIS BUNCH OF GOOF-OFFS HAVE DONE IS FOR THE ILLEGALS AND THE ILLEGALS ONLY. THEY HAVE DOUBLED-DOWN ON STUPID. THE REPUBLICANS HAVE MOSTLY DUCKED THEIR HEAD AND RUN FROM THE FIGHT. our president is fighting the good-old-boy mafia from day one .NO PROFESSIONAL POLITICAN WANTS HIM TO SUCCEED IN ANYTHING. AGAINST ALL ODDS THE PRESIDENT HAS PULLED THE WIN OFF . way better wages,black employment,our military is back to being the best in the world. obama came very close to total destruction of this country.he expanded the RACEISM,THE UNREST, THE BORDER INSECURITY,THE CORRUPTION IN CONGRESS AND THE HOUSE OF REPROBATES, YES REPROBATES. THEY DO NOTHING BUT LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE TAXPAYERS. A PEON FROM HONDURAS HAS MORE RIGHTS THAN AMERICAN VOTERS. we have to pay for them to get free medical, free legal, free housing, free transportation,free education in their own language, the BLEEDING HEARTS HAVE LOST THEIR COLLECTIVE MINDS.

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    Alvin Kreige

    Reagan gave amnesty to a few million illegals and the claims of the 11 million that seems to be the going figure for many yrs, they just kept pouring in costing an estimated 130 billion per yr, with their free health education and welfare while we have millions of our citizens on the streets and no health care, nothing free for our citizens and the war vets get almost nothing. The wars are banker wars, Rothschild boasted they have financed both sides of every war since Napoleon, isn’t it about time to stop all financing of wars, these bankers finance wars and we the people furnish the manpower for these banker wars and are left wounded and homeless on the streets with open boarders for the big business cheap labor
    Furthermore look at the drugs the CIA/FBI have been shipping into this country since 1947, the Vietnam war and Clintons drug cartel contra arms and all the people they killed that were supposed to of committed suicide, and they never had to be held accountable for it. Our government has been run by some real ruthless people and have had a real handle on it until our present commander in chief who isn’t part of the clan, Both parties have spent all their time trying to get him off their backs rather than doing their job they all swore oath to do, they are all Nazi communist conspirators and we got them running our country making laws that none of them obey and look at all the special benefits they get.
    Just imagine $147, 000 per yr to sell us out. History proves that the ones who sold their country out were all eliminated once their treason was finished.


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