Long time Trump critic, MSNBC correspondent, Chris Matthews has accused the President of trying to intimidate former special counsel Robert Mueller before his testimony to Congress, which is scheduled for July 17.

Matthews expressed his concern on a recent broadcast of “Hardball,” that Trump and a Republican “mob” will dig up dirt on Mueller and prevent his ability to “produce anything new.”

Matthews said Trump’s call for Mueller to stick to only what is in his report was intimidation. The MSNBC host also dismissed Peter Strzok as a “bad apple” and warned it could be an item the Republican “mob attack” focuses on.

During the episode of the left-leaning program, Matthews said, “meanwhile, in just over two weeks from now, former special counsel Robert Mueller will testify publicly in front of Congress, and today President Trump is warning Mueller to limit that testimony to what’s in his actual report. The president tweeted Robert Mueller is being asked to testify yet again. He said he could only stick to the report, and that is what he would and should and must do. The president seems to be really trying to intimidate him to stick to his brief.”

A Mob Attack From the GOP

While it seems that Matthews stopped just short of accusing the President of obstruction to justice by trying to intimidate Robert Mueller, he also said, “[Trump’s] Republican colleagues on the other side of the aisle are clearly getting together a mob attack on this guy where they’re going to go after him for the origin of the investigation.”

Matthews then added, “They’re going to go after him about Strzok, that bad apple in the FBI and his romantic relationship with somebody else, Lisa Page or whatever it was. They’re going to go after all the misbehavior they can find.”

“I’m more confident the president is going dig up dirt on Mueller than I am on Mueller’s ability to produce anything new,” Matthews concluded.

One thought on “Trump Intends to Dig Up Dirt on Mueller”
  1. Matthews is afucking manipulator of facts . This is the dirty media twisting the information to make it sound like Trump is obstructing justice. When it is really the Democrats and the twisted Media. Lie lie lie can’t beat trump unless they manipulate the facts. Horowitz and Barr reports will be coming out soon . Then watch them lie.

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