Who is Professor Mifsud, and why wasn’t he charged by Mueller? | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    melvin polatnick

    There are no major secrets that could have been exchanged between Mifsud and Papadopoulos. But both were searching for dirt that could have been used to hurt the Trump or Clinton run for office. Most spies are big time drug dealers that are protected by intelligence agencies. They have inside dirt on the nations elites.

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    Yes the whole thing was the deep states insurance plan to get rid of Trump if /and when he won. Things like this must be investigated so they do not happen again! Que Di Ta!

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      Inspector General reports should be coming out soon!

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    Does anyone have the documents where the FBI checked the DNC servers to determine they were actually hacked and by Russians? Not a second agency but the FBI—and also are there documents showing the chain of custody for the servers since the time they have been HACKED ?


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