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    I certainly hope he will not be re-elected. He is a role model for abusive, deplorable and divisive behavior. Kellyanne Conway’s husband is spot on in his analysis of Donald Trump.

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    I am a Constitutional Conservative. That being said I voted for Trump because of the promises he made about the 2nd Amendment and the immigration problem. Unfortunately he has been waffling on his promises and his appointments of judges to the extent that I am starting to reconsider not only voting for him again but also because of the other elected representatives selling out the conservative agenda I am considering voting as a Constitution Party voter.

    I guess it all depends on if the GOP can get it’s act together and use the power the voters gave them in winning control of all three branches of the government and then losing one of them from breaking the trust the people gave them.

    Its a little more than a year until the elections and I am watching closely!

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    David L. Williams

    This may not be the usual comment type expected, but… Whether Trump makes a deal splitting Jerusalem will have a lot to do with both his and the USA’s future. The Bible shows all kinds of signs that these are the Last Days, and one warning sounds out loud and clear. Jerusalem belongs to God, and He has chosen His people, Israelis, to populate His land. Anyone dividing His land will also be divided.
    The recent two eclipse shadows crossing over the New Madrid quake fault might well be where He will split the USA, should we go against Israel and give some of His land to the offspring of Ishmael.

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    I hope Trump runs again, he has done more in his short time than Obama did in 8 years. Trump could do more if the Dems didn’t fight him every way.

    Welcome to the US if you come in legally, other wise go back where you came from.

    We have worked hard most of our lives and you want us to give it to you just because you crossed the borders.

    I can’t afford my healthcare, why should I pay for yours???????????????????

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    Alan Robbins

    I believe President Trump has the numbers (votes) necessary to get reelected, however to assure his win he must do one thing: Stop / eliminate significant democrat voter fraud. It was evident to me, given the voter fraud uncovered and the results of the 2018 mid-terms that democrat voter fraud is widespread and rampant. In may cases there were more votes cast than there were registered voters, dead people cast ballots, and last-minute absentee or late votes swayed the election results. President trump must focus on and eliminate vote fraud or risk losing to the unscrupulous democrats.

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    Linda H. Anderson

    Trump all the way. He is the only one running for President or re-election that has an ounce of sense. Every Democrat in Washington DC is either completely ignorant, mentally incompetent or just plain evil.


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