One group’s request to hold a ‘straight pride’ rally at a park in northern California has been turned out by city authorities.

According to a report by the Associated Press, city officials in Modesto, California have denied an application submitted by the National Straight Pride Coalition last week which requested a permit for space at Graceada Park for an August 24th event.

Don Grundmann, the National Straight Pride Coalition organizer assessed that about 500 people would come to the event.

KTXL reports that Modesto officials denied the group’s permit application for a space at Graceada Park because it supposedly raised ‘safety issues’ and the event organizers’ liability insurance had been canceled.

Despite rejecting the application, the city offered to provide the group with a different space near the city convention center if the group can provide proof that it has the right liability insurance and can file a permit by this coming Tuesday.

Thomas Reeves, a spokesman for the city of Modesto told reporters, “If you don’t have insurance, you can’t reserve one of our parks.”

The denial of the permit comes just after a quarrelsome city council on Wednesday evening where anti-Straight Pride voices criticized the event as not promoting heterosexuality but instead promoting anti-minority and anti-gay policies.

A counter-protest was even organized against the event. The counter protest’s planner, Chris Holland, said that the National Straight Pride Coalition is “a thinly veiled hate organization.”

“They are dressing up their homophobic agenda as a celebration, which mocks everything that pride is about,” he continued.

Event organizers behind the Straight Pride Rally insist however that their group has nothing to hide and that there’s nothing wrong or hateful about celebrating heterosexuality.

Mylinda Mason, the co-organizer of the National Straight Pride Coalition journalists, “Everyone is trying to sensationalize this event and it’s going to be much like a church service,” while adding “I know everybody likes to go and celebrate sodomy but we want to celebrate heterosexuality.”

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2 thoughts on “California denies permit for straight pride rally”
  1. Straight Pride is not any more a hate organisation than LGBT. They are just the 95% saying they can also be proud, so what is your beef exactly?

  2. …. Hey Mylinda, “Celebrate sodomy”??? One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out you losers spend way, way too much time focusing on certain parts of the male anatomy and what others do in their bedrooms. Seems you all are major closet cases! Stop sending me your limp wristed BS. Your fake Patriotic “manhood” isn’t fooling anyone. BTW, the women that support the “Patriotic4Freedom” man get what you deserve if you can’t tell you’re the one’s getting screwed….and not in the good sense of the word. DELETE me from this piss poor excuse of a mailing list because you don’t believe the BS you peddle to begin with…. it’s only a way for you few to line your own pockets with other people’s money! Oh, that’s right you all follow the doctrines of Trump….fleece & screw as many people you can while you’re still breathing. Of course, none of you know how to read and do research along with a background check on the occupant of the White House….and if by some remote chance you do and still support the joke…. then I’ve called you all out correctly.

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