An illegal alien from El Salvador has been arrested and charged with rape in Montgomery County, Maryland, making him the fifth illegal alien to be arrested for sex crimes in the county in just a single month.

Sanctuary jurisdiction laws prevent criminal illegal aliens from being deported.

Earlier this month, 46-year-old Nelson Reyes-Medrano was arrested and charged with rape after he allegedly crept his way into the bed of a 16-year-old and raped her at knifepoint, according to a police report.

According to the same police report, Reyes-Medrano put a knife to the teenage girl’s throat and commanded her to take her clothes off. After she failed to do so quickly enough, in his mind at least, he began ripping her clothes off and then proceeded to rape her.

Journalists have confirmed with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that Reyes-Medrano had indeed been staying in the United States illegally. ICE also mentioned that they had issued a detainer for his removal from the country.

In a statement, ICE wrote: “On Aug. 14, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged a detainer with Montgomery County Detention Center on unlawfully present Salvadoran national Nelson Saul Reyes-Medrano following his arrest for rape and other related charges.”

“Detainers serve as a legally authorized request, upon which a law enforcement agency may rely, to continue to maintain custody of an alien for up to 48 hours so that ICE may assume custody for removal purposes. Pursuant to ICE policy, all ICE detainers are submitted with an accompanying administrative arrest warrant or warrant of removal depending upon the circumstances of the individual case,” the ICE spokesperson added.

Astoundingly, the El Salvadorian immigrant is only one of five illegal aliens to be arrested and charged with rape in Montgomery County, Maryland in the past month.

In July, Montgomery County became a ‘sanctuary jurisdiction’ after County Executive Marc Elrich signed an order which barred county officials from inquiring about residents’ immigration status or cooperating with ICE.

Despite incidents of sexual assaults increasing nearly fourfold, local police are unable to work with ICE due to the cities sanctuary laws.

Reyes-Medrano arrest comes a little over a week after Rodrigo Castro-Montejo, another illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was charged with second-degree rape. Despite a request from ICE to keep the alleged rapist in custody, Castro-Montejo was released into the community just three days after his arrest.

Castro-Montejo, an illegal immigrant accused of rape, now walks the streets of Montgomery County – all thanks to insane leftist policies. At this point, the amount of blood that open-borders leftist have on their hands is immeasurable.

4 thoughts on “Illegal Caught For Rape In Maryland”
  1. how are these crazy sanctuary laws not being challenged in court – they should be pushed all the way through to the supreme court where they will for sure be turned over. also those who put these laws on the books should be held responsible for the people who get hurt or killed due to these laws.

  2. We the SHEEPle had better ‘wake up!’ Theses people are not done with us yet! Sad that we don’t care enough to unite with our President and end this nonsense!

    Sad, isn’t it!

    Pray for what’s left of OUR once-blessed America. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray that you are right! Thanks

  3. There was a time when officials like this would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rough split-rail full of splinters. Sounds like it’s time to revive the practice! (liberalism is a mental disorder–the only treatment is a harsh dose of reality!)

  4. It should have been , omar, aoc , or perhaps thalib , with the blessings of piglousy.. They surely know how to WELCOME & TREAT those ILLEGAL’S.

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