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The editors and writers of Patriots4Freedom are dedicated to searching out threats to American Freedom. Don't stand by while the nanny state takes away your choices, or Big Tech stifles your free speech. Take a stand and fight for your liberty!

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    how are these crazy sanctuary laws not being challenged in court – they should be pushed all the way through to the supreme court where they will for sure be turned over. also those who put these laws on the books should be held responsible for the people who get hurt or killed due to these laws.

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    Dorothy Hill

    We the SHEEPle had better ‘wake up!’ Theses people are not done with us yet! Sad that we don’t care enough to unite with our President and end this nonsense!

    Sad, isn’t it!

    Pray for what’s left of OUR once-blessed America. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray that you are right! Thanks

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    There was a time when officials like this would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rough split-rail full of splinters. Sounds like it’s time to revive the practice! (liberalism is a mental disorder–the only treatment is a harsh dose of reality!)

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    It should have been , omar, aoc , or perhaps thalib , with the blessings of piglousy.. They surely know how to WELCOME & TREAT those ILLEGAL’S.


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