Israel Says “No Thanks” to a Visit from Omar and Tlaib Bill Sheridan | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    I think Isreal is right, as bad as these two Muslims have bad mouthed Isreal and Jews, they don’t have any right to be there, I don’t care how many grandmothers they have there and as much as these two have spoken about Jews, that their grandmothers would even want to see them. And as much as they hate Jews, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t try to start something with the Jews while they were there and we as Americans shouldn’t encourage it. Isreal suffered enough criticism when Obama was President. I’m surprised, as much as Democrat hate Jews, that any of them were excepted.

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    Sophia Banno

    BOTH of these women are VERY anti-Semitic, and racist. They are also BOTH against Israel. WHY should these two be allowed to enter Israel, KNOWING they both hate this Country ?

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    These Representatives do not represent the Citizens of the United States. They represent a miniscule group of voters, not of citizens, of small sections of the United States. They do not represent the government either.

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    @netanyahu , God Bless you and Israel. As a Christian American, I am so very thankful that Israel, you Sir, did not allow two of America’s worst, most racists, hateful anti semitic, anti Christian members of Congress to have visa’s to visit Israel and stir up troubles. Blessings.

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    The “squad” hate Israel and the Jewish people of Israel….
    But that wouldn’t stop AMERICAN JEWS from voting for them!!!!!
    It’s mind boggling how that works and defies rational explanation!!!!!!!!!!

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    Terrifyingly true, the face of our government today looks nothing like the government chosen to represent the citizens of this great country. There are strangers masquerading as true servants of the people. They have brought their un-American ideas into our government and into our homes. They work tirelessly to poison the minds of our younger population and uneducated people. The states they supposedly ‘represent’ must be ashamed and embarrassed to have elected these phony women. They are filled with hate for this country and are doing their best to destroy as much as they can. Wake up America. Here they finally are…right on our doorsteps.


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