The regional council of Friuli Venezia Giulia in northern Italy has approved a motion which calls on the national government to prohibit the use of hormone-blocking prescription drugs used in so-called ‘gender reassignment treatment’ for gender-confused children.

These drugs prevent normal sexual development in adolescents.

The council’s motion clearly states that “puberty is not a disease” and therefore shouldn’t be prevented with medications or surgery that can produce irreversible effects. The motion also mentions the long-term negative effects of drugs containing the hormone-altering chemical triptorelin.

The motion reads, “There is no evidence, in fact of the effective full restoration of fertility in the case of withdrawal from treatment,” while citing data from the American College of Pediatricians which states that as many as 98% of minors outgrow their gender dysphoria or the feeling that one’s biological sex doesn’t match up with one’s gender expression).

Councilmember Mauro Bordin of the national populist League party told reporters from VoceControCorrente, “We express opposition to the use of this drug,” while adding that there hasn’t been enough clinical studies, “especially regarding the possible long-term negative effects and why blocking puberty pharmacologically could cause a misalignment in [adolescent] physical and cognitive development.”

Bordin argued that the motion is not an “ideological position but a proposal of common sense in the exclusive interest of the health of children throughout Italy.”

Medical scientists and physicians from around the world have also warned against medical interventions of individuals experiencing gender dysphoria.

In 2017, Dr. Michelle Cretella of the American College of Pediatricians stated, “Transgenderism is a psychological disorder, not a biological one,” adding “Consequently, we expect transgenderism and its associated medical procedures to increase as society increasingly promotes this lifestyle.

Dr. Cretella also has astutely criticized the recent decision by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to use the term “gender confirmation surgery”.

“Linguistic engineering precedes and accompanies social engineering,” Cretella said.

“Transgender activist physicians realize that sex reassignment surgery is a misnomer. In other words, surgery cannot change a person’s sex. By renaming sex reassignment surgery gender-confirming surgery, they give the impression that they are affirming an inborn trait and further the innate immutable transgender myth,” she added.

The American College of Pediatricians has also released statements warning the surgeon general of the U.S. that hormones and surgery harm gender-confused children. The ACP referenced warnings issued by the U.K.’s Royal College of General Practitioners which notes that the long-term side effects of these procedures haven’t been subjected to enough medical research

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