A new poll has revealed that the vast majority of American voters say that they’re more likely to

vote for a presidential candidate who stands in opposition to illegal migration into the U.S.

The newest Harvard/Harris Poll showed that seven-in-ten, or 70 percent of voters in the United

States said they’re more likely to back a 2020 presidential candidate who believes in “strengthening our border to reduce illegal immigration” flowing into the country.

Conversely, the number of American voters who stated that they would be less inclined to back a 2020 presidential candidate who supported the reduction of illegal immigration was just 30 percent.

Among swing voters, support for decreasing illegal immigration was exceedingly popular.

Approximately 69 percent of poll respondents who identified as swing voters reported that they would be more likely to support a candidate like President Trump in the upcoming election due to his position regarding illegal immigration.

And, this wasn’t a racial issue like many on the left would have you believe.

Voters spanning across ethnic lines reported that the would be more likely to back a presidential candidate in 2020 who has a desire to limit illegal immigration into the country.

61 percent of Hispanic Americans and nearly 63 percent of black Americans reported that they would be more likely to throw their support behind a presidential candidate who supports anti-illegal immigration policies.

71 percent of suburban voters and over seven-in-ten lower-middle-class and working-class Americans felt the same way.

The current globalist-imposed mass immigration policy which admits more than 1.5 million mostly low-skilled foreigners into the U.S. to compete against American workers every year has been a blessing for corporate executives. Why? Simple, because it keeps worker’s wages low. In fact, for every one percent increase of the immigrant composition of any given occupation’s workforce, Americans’ hour wages are reduced by 0.4 percent. Furthermore, for every one percent increase in the immigrant labor force, the overall wages of Americans’ is lowered by 0.8 percent. That’s something you won’t hear from globalist Democrats or globalist Republicans.

As things stand now, anywhere from 11 to 22 million illegal immigrants are living inside of United States border. Most of them live in New York, California, Florida, and Texas.

This Harvard/Harris poll surveyed 2,214 registered voters between July 31st and August 1st of this year.

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