It looks like Prince Andrew may be “Royally Screwed.”

According to the New York Post, the Heir to the British Monarchy flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet — at least twice — with the disgraced and deceased pedophile’s alleged 17-year-old sex slave, Virginia Roberts on board. This is according to Epstein’s personal pilot.

The royal flew on the late financier’s private jet — which has also played host to VIP guests including former President Bill Clinton, model Naomi Campbell and sex-scandal-plagued Hollywood star Kevin Spacey — a number of times, according to a deposition by pilot David Rodgers, 66.

According to the June 3, 2016 legal deposition, released to Giuffre’s lawyers in New York earlier this month, on at least two of those trips, Roberts — who now goes by her married name Giuffre — was also on board. The deposition is among 2,000 court documents relating to a settled defamation case involving Giuffre and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

Not the First Time Prince Andrew Has Been Linked to Epstein

While there have been previous allegations linking the Prince –who is currently 8th in line to the British throne — to Epstein, the revelation marks the first time allegations emerged that both Andrew and Virginia were on Epstein’s jet at the same time.

Rodgers does not accuse Prince Andrew of any wrongdoing on the flights.

Epstein, Andrew, Giuffre and Maxwell were among the passengers on a private jet flight from Teterboro, NJ to St. Thomas on April 11, 2001, Rodgers claimed in his deposition. Little St. James Island, regarded by the feds as Epstein’s primary residence in the United States and dubbed “Pedophile Island,” lies just off the southeast coast of St. Thomas.

And on March 31 of that same year, all four were also on board Epstein’s 22-seat jet, going from Santa Fe to Palm Beach, according to pilot Rodgers.

Royal Court Circular documents obtained by the Sun — which was the first to report on the findings — reveal that Andrew had engagements in London on March 28 and April 2. The findings leave open the possibility that he was on board Epstein’s plane on those dates.

Rodgers also claimed that Epstein, Andrew and Giuffre were on a flight leaving St. Thomas on July 4.

Rodgers also alleged that on Aug. 7, 2001, the Prince was on the maiden flight of the so-called “Lolita Express,” a Boeing 727-200 passenger jet which Epstein allegedly used to transport underage girls to his home in the Virgin Islands.

Giuffre was not listed as a passenger on that flight, but Epstein, the Prince, Maxwell and British voice-over artist, Emmy Tayler, who prosecutors say was part of the convicted pedophile’s inner circle in the early 2000s, were there, according to Rodgers.

Buckingham Palace forcefully disputed the pilot’s claims, in a statement obtained by the Sun.

“This evidence statement was submitted in a case in which the Duke was not a party and in which any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue,” the statement said. “The statement shows a number of inconsistencies between the Duke’s alleged location and his actual location when checked with the court circular. In some cases he is on different continents.”

Giuffre has claimed that as a teen, she was ordered to sleep with Andrew — among a number of other powerful friends of Epstein. These are claims that Andrew has always vehemently denied.

“If law-enforcement agencies or police want to talk to the Duke or any royal they just need to ask,” a source close to the royal told The Sun.

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