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    More “mass shootings” every weekend in democratic run cities. More people are killed in a year with non firing weapons, knives, bats, rocks, fists and feet than the scary assault rifles. Eliminating so called assault weapons is the first step in eliminating all firearms and the Constitution.

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    william harrison

    If Democrats want public safety , then enforce our immigration laws and stop illegal immigration first. They won’t because Democrats have no interest in public safety. Only votes.

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    Kim Myers

    The SCOTUS has already ruled on this! In 2008 the ruling (DC vs Heller) was (written by the late Justice Scalia) that the 2nd amendment stands…BUT… “it is not without limits” In short the SCOTUS has ruled that YES the gov’t CAN limit what kind of guns are permitted!!! END OF STORY! There is no need for this issue to come before the court …again! Asked and answered!!!


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