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    It would be interesting to know how many of those incidents were by illegal immigrants and gangs. He states: “…increasing inequality and alienation caused by years of austerity and neglect,” as if government fiscal policies has anything to do with it.

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    Khan is a Muslim fifth columnist bent on importing jihadists by the 1000 into the UK in preparation for sharia law. He is aided and abetted in this betrayal by a government looking beyond the UK, to a globalist alliance, where they can pursue their godless agenda and rise through their serried ranks. Meanwhile, the citizens of Britain, will find to their sorrow how their benighted support for proponents of Islamic domination like Jeremy Corbyn will lead them into permanent misery.

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    You guys are nuts trying to compare knife fights and deaths to assault rifles. Do you think this audience is dumb and can’t read between the lines here… OMG
    we have a boatload of public safety laws including speeding laws, passive cigarette smoking, carrying weapons on airplanes… get past the selfishness and realize we need gun laws to protect the American public (I love this country by the way and I’m Christian and while I’m an Independent on this issue I vote with Dems!


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