UK: English schoolgirls asked to wear Islamic headscarf for ‘Hijab Day’ in November | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    So the UK us OK with Islamic BRAINWASHING of their children, preparing them for the ultimate step of Convert to Islam or DIE. This is Cultural JIHAD in BROAD DAYLIGHT!! UK, find your stiff upper lip; find your spine, and grow some balls if you can no longer find them!! Good grief!

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    The muslim “religion” which really a government mandate of evil, demands women do that as they are SLAVES, with little freedom or say. Those 2 muslims in Congress LIE. One does not wear it and the other does, but they are both the SAME EVIL WOMEN of a “religion” that worships a fake moon-god named allah that the Egyptians made up. Women get their genitals cut so they won;t like sex, have other women as part of the “marriage”, 3-4, who probably were “married” at the age of 6-9 yrs old to men that were 19 yrs or older. Mohamed married a 10 yr old when he was 42years. They are all pedophiles for sure. When you are female you do as you are told, walk behind the man, do not drive or get an education, and if you try to get out, you can be stoned to death. You can be raped but they do NOTHING for you. You have child after child so they can become bombers and blow up for allah. The whole concept is SICK. These people want to kill ALL ISRAEL and then finish with America. They HATE our flag and our Constitution, and adhere to the Quran and Sharia law as the ultimate belief. They will NEVER assimilate. Remember in San Francisco a few people that worked with a muslim had a baby shower for her, then invited her and her “husband”–one of many wives, remember? ?? a Christmas Party and then the muslims MURDERED THEM ALL. They are pure evil and ALL should be banned from America, as actually most America HATING, Constitution HATING and FLAG HATING DEMOCRATS are and should be in prison or death for TREASON to America. I am praying for this as that is the ONLY way America can be really great again, as all of them HATE America. Sad most, is because of the liberal schools spewing out HATE like Obama did, apologizing for America being the BEST country in the world…The ONLY one besides Israel where ALL could be like one, but they are the ones bringing back the raciest hate, as Lincoln freed the slaves, that the DEM party was for. The DEMS were the party of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, Planned Parenthood started by Margaret Sanger to rid America of black babies. And blacks VOTE for this PARTY??? What happened to their brains? They were REPUBLICAN before FDR that put them back on the plantation.. How sad. Luckily there are more and more checking out what the truth is and leaving the DEM party to the hate liars of the DEM party. I hope it disappears completely. Sure there are some bad REP, like traitor songbird McCain was, but most are decent people that LOVE America.

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    Rod Reese

    A religious garment?
    No way would I allow my child to wear another religions garment other than our own. I wouldn’t ask an Islamic to wear a Crucifix that signifies my Religion.
    It’s not appropriate at all!!

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