This writer has often opined that one of America’s evolving problems has been the takeover of our governments – national, state and local – by lawyers.  They are the American ruling class.

The problem of having a ruling class – especially lawyers – is seen in the makeup of our legislative bodies – including Congress, every state legislature and most major municipal councils.  The only level of government where citizens with diverse backgrounds has some influence is in on the village boards of our smallest communities – and even then, those small cities and towns are largely run by bureaucrat city managers.  Oh yeah, they have elected mayors, but with very limited authority – mostly ceremonial.

Most of our legislative bodies are overwhelmingly populated by lawyers.  We are known as a litigious society because they keep passing laws that promote their own profession – and they do it at an increasing pace.

It is important that we understand that our legislatures have only two functions – to take away individual freedoms and to confiscate our money.  The more a legislature legislates, the less freedom we enjoy, and we have less of our hard-earned money to spend.  That is a fact.

Texas is considered one of the best run states in America.  They have a strong economy and no income tax.  The Lone Star State has fewer regulations than most other states. For example, Houston does not have zoning laws and they are one of the least restrictive states on gun ownership.  It has fewer licensing requirements on small commercial enterprises.

AND … the Texas legislature meets only once every two years.  Imagine that.  They do not sit around month-after-month passing laws and imposing taxes to pay for them.  They get all that state business done in just a few months every couple of years – and Texas has as much business with which to deal as any other state.

Conversely, the year-round legislatures – including Congress – create unnecessary laws and taxes to give the appearance of activity.  The legislators even complain that they do not have enough time to finish the concocted business.  In Illinois – where the state constitution requires the legislature to wrap up its business by June, the big government legislators control time in a way Albert Einstein could never have imagined.  They physically stop the clock in the chamber and continue making laws and increasing taxes for days … weeks … and then declare that all their business was concluded at the end of May.

The Texas legislature is exactly what the Founders had intended.  Congress was to be a part-time job for folks from all walks of life – and in the beginning, that was more the case.  Now in Washington and our state capitals we have career politicians – mostly lawyers – making unnecessary busy work to justify their full-time job (and full-time salary) and passing laws that enrich the profession.

Of course, there is only one solution.  We the people should start electing legislators who are NOT lawyers and who will restore the concept of a part-time legislature.  They will complain that only lawyers are skilled at making laws and that they have too much work to not be in session for most of the year.  Texas seems to put the lie to those claims.

So, there, ‘tis.

3 thoughts on “America’s legislatures are out of control – thanks to lawyers”
  1. America’s legislatures are out of control – thanks to lawyers.
    Why is it no one wants to look at what has allowed all the government criminal behavior?
    All you have to do is start with the very first founding doc that formally ended the Revolutionary War/ War of Independence.
    Ben Franklin, Mason and Esquire negotiated the 1783 Treaty in favor of the King to receive the key spoils of war. The King of England was made Arch-Treasurer (controller of the money) and Prince Elector (controller of the Political Body) of the United States of America.
    Yes the Kings men did this and no representative of the Colonist/Patriots was in attendance to claim their spoils of war.
    Then to Cover their Asses, the very First Act of Congress 1789 made it so that no one would repeat the constitution’s title (the Constitution FOR the United States OF AMERICA) for purposes of taking the oath of office.
    All are instructed to repeat ( the Constitution OF the United States) and there is no document with that title to be found in law or at law anywhere. Remember words mean everything and changing them and omitting them can mean more.
    Then is 1791, George Washington, head Mason and Esquire enact ed the War Power Act using the emergency portion to create the First Bank of America to pay the King back for his losses during the war. Yep nothing for the Colonist and all that they fought for.
    The Colonist lost the right to choose there law form known as Common Law based on God’s Laws, Natural Laws, Maxims of Law and Equity.
    The Colonist lost the right to choose their form of money and banking system.
    The Colonist lost the right to own their own land with free and clear title from government. I.e. Allodial title or Land Patient good bye. Instead they/we get to pay rent in the form of taxes and fees on our land. Don’t pay them the government takes your property and seeks another to pay rent. Remember you are listed as a tenant on your mortgage docs.
    The Colonist lost control over the Political Body as this 1783 Treaty made the States sovereign not the people. Thanks to Ben Franklin the impersonator.

    I say it is time to write a new Peace Treaty and We the People as winner of the war get to demand our spoils of war – all of them!
    Any questions?

  2. To add to my previous post you can also refer to what Wallace told Washington when he surrendered. Were you taught that in school as well?
    Please consider the truth is usually a short story and one of words all can understand and its always hidden in plain sight if you seek it..

  3. Lawyers are commonly known as ‘Practicing Attorneys’ because they need ‘the practice’ to try & figure out what they are trying to do! I call them CourtHouseWhores because they’ll do anything for anybody. I wish all of We the SHEEPle would use these terms,

    They practice their skills, (sic), of arguing in the government law schools so they can ‘argue’ effectively before their ‘CourtHousePimp!’ 99% of these critters need to be hanged – literally! Who ever argues the best, wins!

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