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    Seth Stowers

    The narrative being perpetuated from the “progressive” side of the aisle has been that it is fallacy that “immigrants” are tapping into the assistance programs. Everyone knows the reason the left has shown such “compassion”…..they are seeking future voters in an effort to create a perpetual Democratic majority, and change the structure of the American political landscape. The effort to get 16 year old kids voting privileges, promising “free” college, scaring the 20 somethings with the doom and gloom climate change, and promising reparations for African Americans, is a multifaceted concentration of tactics. It may not succeed in my lifetime, but if the trend continues, in 50 years, America will not be recognizable as the bastion of freedom in the world.

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    Betsy Bragg

    The homeless people are not broke, probably 90% have some form of income. If e verify was enforced many illegal people would leave the country. And there would be many living spaces available. For example, a friend gets about $800 in some form of Social Security plus around $200 in food stamps. He could afford maybe $600 rent sharing a place with a roommate or two. I knew of an situation where 5 people are living in a house paying a total of $2200 rent. Housing problem solved. What is being built now is very over priced because of land value, permits, license fees, inspection fees, and in a few cases bribes. Round them up and send them to the home country, especially those that do not assimilate, many want to change America and our laws to represent the place they came from. Quite a few collect, Social Security and Medicare or Medical in California. Very few make an attempt to learn English. As an Native born American, I tired of the invasion of our borders by people who do not appreciate T uniqueness of America. We are a country of diverse ethnicity and benefit from the difference. But in the last decade or so, we have become a country of immigrants who have come strictly for the benefits of the welfare system. We can’t afford it. Build the wall!


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