A Syrian ‘refugee’ and suspected Islamic State executioner who allegedly oversaw the killing of 25 people – including 20 members of the same family after they refused to join IS – has been charged by Hungarian authorities with crimes against humanity.

27-year-old F. Hassan was first detained at Budapest airport last December by Hungarian police under suspicion of terrorist activities. Upon further investigation, Hassan was arrested by officers from the Hungarian Counterterrorism Centre (TEK), who believed him to be a high-ranking Islamic State operative who carried out unspeakable acts in the Middle East.

Before the arrest, F. Hassan was in the process of being deported him back to Greece – where amazingly enough, he holds refugee status – when authorities discovered possible links to the Homs massacre.

On Tuesday, F. Hassan was charged with personally beheading the Imam of a town in the province of Homs in May 2015 after ISIS had captured the area.

Hassan is also accused of personally murdering two individuals while overseeing the systematic execution of 25 people who are said to have been in opposition to ISIS in the days following May 13. According to Reuters, 20 of the people who were executed were members of the same family.

The 27-year-old is suspected of ordering the occupation of Al-Sukhnah in the Syrian province of Homs and putting together a “death list” of those who opposed ISIS ideology.

Presumably, the 25 individuals who were executed under F. Hassan’s direction were on that list.

According to Hungary’s Counter-Terrorism Centre, Hassan had visited many other European countries before his arrest. Specific countries were not named, however.

Hungarian prosecutors are said to be seeking a life sentence.

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