The famed British intelligence agency, MI6, said it believes it is possible that the Russians have “damning” evidence of Prince Andrew’s relationship with late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The agency fears that incriminating evidence of the prince’s alleged 2001 tryst with then-17-year-old Epstein “slave” Virginia Giuffre could be in Russian hands.

According to reporting in the New York Post and the Times of London, MI6’s worries are centered on the case of John Mark Dougan, an ex-Marine and former Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy who now lives in Russia.

Dougan, who moved to Moscow and sought asylum there in 2016, had worked for the sheriff’s office in 2005, the year it began an investigation into Epstein. The billionaire pedophile was often in Palm Beach as he owned a mansion there.

Now, almost 20 years after Prince Andrew’s alleged randy rendezvous with Giuffre, a “security source” tells the London Times that MI6 is concerned that Dougan may still have inside information concerning Epstein and Prince Andrew. Dougan claimed on Facebook in July that he still possessed confidential documents no one had seen, the Times said.

The Times also reported that Dougan is known to have had contact with Pavel Borodin, a senior Russian government official who is sometimes referred to as President Vladimir Putin’s “mentor.”

Dougan’s Credibility Called Into Question

Dougan is no stranger to making outrageous claims. In fact, it is making such claims that forced him to seek asylum in Russia in the first place.

According to the NY Post, Dougan quit the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office in 2009 after three years on road patrol and became a self-appointed corruption “whistleblower.”

“[Dougan’s allegations] didn’t bother me until he said I raped my son,” then-Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said of Dougan to the Palm Beach Post in 2012.

With an FBI investigation looming, Dougan fled the US in 2016, catching a flight from Toronto to Moscow. Once arriving in Russia, he claimed political asylum and billed himself as “BadVolf,” an exiled law-enforcement whistleblower.

In 2017 he was linked to an online story falsely accusing one of his longtime targets, Palm Beach’s then-chief deputy sheriff, of being a white supremacist who wanted to rape and kill “a black man or a Jew.”

Dougan denied involvement with the story to the Palm Beach Post at the time.

His current website says he is appearing on Russian documentaries, working for disability charities and selling self-branded Dougan’s Steaks.

Both the NY Post and the London Times said that attempts to reach Dougan for comment were unsuccessful.

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