According to reports recently published in the NY Post and the British Tabloids, Jeffrey Epstein’s former madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been hiding in Brazil — along with the French modeling scout accused of being the procurer of young girls for the late pedophile. New Yorker Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel both went underground soon after their pedophile pal was arrested on major charges that ended with him apparently killing himself in his Manhattan lockup in August.

The pair are both reportedly key parts of a widening investigation into Epstein’s sex ring and have been repeatedly named in court documents in the scandal. Now, an unidentified former US police officer has told the press that he traced the nefarious pair to Santa Catarina in Brazil, a Riviera state popular with wealthy tourists.

Brunel’s phone was traced to the Infinity Blue Resort and Spa there, according to the Post, while Maxwell’s phone was also connected to a network in the area, the local news station, Sky News reports.

However, there was no sign of either of them by the time Sky News dispatched reporters to the resort in the South American country, the report obtained by the NY Post states.

Brunel, who once ran a modeling agency in Miami, and has been credited with discovering models Christy Turlington and Milla Jovovich — has previously been tied to Brazil, however, his lawyer recently insisted he is “not on the run” and is “at the disposal of the authorities.”

Epstein’s ex Maxwell, meanwhile, was also in a rush to close down her mysterious foundation, the TerraMar Project, Sky News said.

Documents showed she shut it down in the US on July 12 — just six days after Epstein’s arrest — and then signed off to close it in the UK on Aug. 13, three days after her ex-boyfriend’s suicide.

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