What happens when you are a presidential candidate that the radical left media loves, but the voters not so much.  You get Kamala Harris.

You will recall that Harris got her moment in the sunshine when she indignantly confronted Vice President Joe Biden in the first Democrat debate over his past record on civil rights.  The press, pundits and pollsters declared her to be the clear winner.  For a moment in time, Harris was among the frontrunners – those who at least garner polling numbers in the double digits.

That was before the political whack-a-mole sent the California senator careening back down into the political hole.  Her polling numbers continue to decline.  She is now running FOURTH in her own home state of California.  Her fundraising is in a downward spin.  That usually results in media oblivion.

But not for Harris.  Despite her precipitous drop in the polls, Harris is still being treated like a major contender.  She gets the cover of Time Magazine, no less. She is discussed in virtually every left-wing newscast.  She is included in CNN’s ongoing Democrat Party scripted multi-hour infomercials – which they deceitfully bill as “townhall meetings.”

Harris is not a particularly forceful candidate.  Outside of her exchange with Biden, most of her speeches are whiny screeds.  She does not present a lot of substance.  Her presentations are too often a variation on the “that girl was me” theme.  She promotes biography over issues with tiresome reference of what her mother taught her.

While all the Democrat candidates get favorable treatment, Harris has what seems to be the greatest disparity between the amount and quality of coverage she receives and the apparent support among Democrat voters.  Second place in that category may go to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

So, what is the deal?

Well the first and most obvious explanation is that they are what is known today as “people of color” – a nouveau racist term to put basically every nationality on earth in political juxtaposition with white Europeans, especially the male variety.  “People of color should not be confused with the traditional reference to “colored people.”

We can see a cleavage in the excessive coverage given to Democrat candidates of color — such as Harris, Booker, Julian Castro, and Andrew Yang — compared to the white candidates – such as Tim Ryan, Steve Bullock, Tom Steyer, Marianne Williamson, Joe Sestak, John Delaney and even Amy Klobuchar.

This media coverage imbalance, however, is not reflective of voter sentiment.  It is no small irony that while the media gives disproportionate positive coverage to younger minority candidates, the Democrat voters seem to prefer the older white types. The four leading Democrat candidates are all white and they garner more than 70 percent of the total primary vote – if you go by the polls.

Harris probably edges out Booker because she is a woman.  That gets extra points on the political correctness scorecard.

Were she not the benefactor of all that unusually favorable media attention, Harris might well find herself among her fellow candidates struggling to surpass the margin of error in the polling numbers.  But for now, Harris is the darling of the press – if not the Democrat voters.

So, there ‘tis.

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