NYC Bar Association Calls to Bar Barr from Ukraine Investigation! | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Stephen Alexander

    Sounds like Barr is getting too close. Press on, Mr. AG, press on.

  2. 2

    Flying bird

    Just bullshit fucking legal profession in NYC has balls to threaten Barr their a bunch of a holes. They can’t even clean their own house .

  3. 3


    The left must be removed permanently by any means necessary

  4. 4


    To my knowledge, the transcript of the phone call, Trump didn’t say anything specific about the Biden’s, least of all mention their names, but instead spoke of legitimate concern for corruption that there was already public self proclaimed (by Joe Biden himself)proof of, his bragadociously pushing the Ukraine around to protect his son’s shady involvement. Is this article also now taking Shiffs doctored up version to toss out before the American public as supposed impeachment ‘bait’? It all is just more scrambling and throwing dust in the air because of the insanity about Trump becoming President! STILL crying because they no longer have a legal right to have cart blanc access to the national “cookie jar”!

  5. 5

    Bruce R.

    Who could be more partisan than the NYC Bar Association?


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