Sanders Says ‘Death by Cop’ Is Usually The Fault of Young African Americans | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    I thought only white Christian, conservative, Republican men were racist?

    Just wondering.

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    Wow – Sanders actually uttered a smidgen of sense and truth, and the “conservative” community flies it’s co-dependent freak flag high and proud. Shows where the REAL problem is: a Caucasian community that has allowed itself to be so corrupted by political correctness that it’s suffering from Stockholm syndrome. The Black community has absolutely NO hope until somebody grows a pair and speaks a LOT of truth to their outrageously outsized power.

    1. 2.1

      Besides the vitriol just what are you trying to say ?

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    Arielle Lancaster

    I really HATE to agree with ANYTHING that Bernie Sanders says, but I basically agree with him ! If African Americans show some RESPECT when dealing with Police Officers, there will be a LOT LESS problems, and shootings !

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    Bruce R

    Doesn’t he know you are not allowed to speak the truth around people
    who don’t want to hear the truth.

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    Donald L. Mercer

    Many of U.S. who backed Civil Rights in the 60’s have had a rude awakening about Blacks since learning how much they truly hate whitey through spokespersons llike Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Mad Max Waters, proving no matter how committed we were to working (in my case) many years to help those colored communities; yes I said colored; they continued to wallow in self-pity and refused to take advantage of the Programs I worked in to elevate themselves out of the ghettos and barrios of America. Without focusing on improving they still linger in their old lifestyles of pandering, pimping, and using Mr. Jimmy their excuses rise to the heavens. They won’t get any more money, emotional support, or efforts from me! FTATHTARIO!


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