Three Quarters of Americans Believe Civil War Is In Sight  | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Whose phony survey would even ask a question like this, let alone publish it. What a bunch of crap.

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    Michael Cave

    I’ve been telling my wife that since the last election. People can feel how they want to feel and believe what they want to believe. Just dont tell tell me how to feel and what to believe. Good news is, my side has more guns and we know how to use them. So you want a war? Bring it on.

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    Michael Marceau

    I’ve seen this coming for quite awhile. The radical left and so called anti fascist have gone beyond common sense and commuting violence against everyday citizens especially the elderly and young and out numbered and MSM still referes to them as “peaceful” demonstrators while identifying anyone on the right of a Trump supporters as white supremacist ,racists, etc.
    As a student of history I see the left in America today fostering the tactics of the Bolshevik s 100 years ago! And we all know how well that turned out.

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    Brian Lowery

    There is very little common ground to be had between Capitalists and Communists.

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    I hope people are taking this seriously because if the Democratic Party get their way civil war is what you will be looking at. The people who believe the government is going to take care of them are going to be the first ones hit hard because they are not getting ready for no food to buy, gas to go or guns to keep the desperate people from stealing what you have. And people will do whatever it takes even if they have to kill you to get it. By then I hope everyone remembers the promises they are hearing today because they will not be happy with socialism. We are getting ready because like the bible tells you be ready at all times you never know when He will come for you.

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    DiamonDuchess Penn

    Most patriotic baby-boomers who are veterans & law enforcement regardless of race & love America & Israel back Pres. Trump & feel he’s doing the best he can under the opposition he’s facing ; most polls havent even asked what we think because its biased lamestreamedia. We’re being quiet but vigilant and wont let our Republic be destroyed!!!

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    Billy Buchanan

    Today’s politicians believe only they are the chosen ones to lead the country down the road to tyranny. These politicians thinks they know what’s best for Americans. Give them all your your money because they know how to use it better than you do. Could be just what will cause a Civil War. People are tired of politicians working for nobody but themselves.

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      Statesman Patriot

      Perfect description of the current socialist/Commie democrats, especially their 2020 potus candidates.


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