If you have been following the so-called impeachment inquiry being held by the House Intelligence Committee under the questionable leadership of California Congressman Adam Schiff, you may have noticed something peculiar.

Schiff has been re-packaging the same old news over and over – and the compliant news media has been treating it like new news.  In fact, they use words like “breaking news,” “blockbuster” and “alert” to present news that is not new – not breaking, not a blockbuster and not worthy of a special alert.

You may recall that just prior to the secret closed-door hearings, the anti-Trump press spends a few days telling us what the various witnesses were going to say.  On the eve of the individual testimony, we were then provided with reports on the advance text of their opening remarks – which was essentially what we were already told they were going to say.

No sooner would a witness complete their hours of testimony than the folks of the Fourth Estate would spend days telling us what they said – which was exactly like the earlier reports on what they were going to say.   If there seemed to be a lot of consistency between what the news said the witnesses would say and what we were told they actually said, it may be due to the fact, that we were not able to hear EVERYTHING they said – just what Democrat leakers and their press allies wanted us to hear.

After the Democrat/media combine could no longer prolong reporting on what was reported to have been said, Chairman Schiff released partial transcripts of what he said was said.  Even though the so-called transcripts only repeated what we were told would be said and what was said, the anti-Trump press reported the release of the transcripts with maximum hype and drama as if something new and important had been said.

In case you think that you have heard the last of what was said in those closed-door meetings, you will be sorely disappointed.  You see … we will soon have the public hearings with those same people saying again what we were told they would say and what they did say and what was included in the transcripts.

It seems that impeachment obsessed Democrats are operating on a strategy that to make we the people believe their one-sided version of events, they have to say things over … and over … and over … and over.  If they do not think we the people will believe their partisan political narrative the first time, there seems to be no reason to believe it the third … fourth … or fifth time.

So, there ‘tis.

One thought on “Democrats Regurgitation Old Impeachment News”
  1. Well, Schipf hasn’t yet shared all the evidence of collusion that he’s been telling us for the past two years that he had (and that Mueller and his minions were unable to find).

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