If you’ve been wondering as I have, whatever happened to Senator Lindsey Graham’s promise to hold corrupt Democrats accountable for the sham impeachment inquisition, this revelation is welcome news.

Wednesday night the South Carolina Republican appearing on Fox’s Sean Hannity finally announced his plan to counter the abuse of power exhibited Wednesday by disgruntled House Democrats, attempting to take down President Trump using the solemn process of impeachment as a partisan political tool.

Graham announced that if this kangaroo court currently being conducted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, actually impeaches the President, Graham, as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee will demand that Adam Schiff along with the so-called whistleblower testify under oath, or there would be no trial in the senate.

That tantalizing scenario of having Schiff testify, has been gaining legal momentum, in that Schiff has actually shifted his position several times regarding the whistleblower, which calls into account his truthfulness concerning whether he personally met with the whistleblower, and if he did, was he coached by Schiff’s staff?

Moreover regardless of what actually takes place within the coming weeks in the House concerning impeachment Schiff has morphed into a “fact witness” regarding the whistleblower, and Graham’s announcement to hold him accountable in the senate will gain momentum, if there’s only second-hand information to rely on.

Graham’s public announcement on Fox, that hearsay evidence alone, without hearing directly from the whistleblower, who was the catalyst for the impeachment inquiry in the first place, will not fly in the senate.

It was apparent from the outset of the impeachment inquiry that Schiff was determined to hide and shield the whistleblower after a motion by Republicans to have the whistleblower testify was voted down along party lines by Democrats.

Moreover, the two-star witnesses that opened the hearing admittedly had no first-hand knowledge to even testify in person.

Republican Mike Turner from Ohio noted that neither of the two witnesses would qualify to testify in court since they only had “hearsay” evidence, i.e. they did not see or hear anything relevant themselves.

Adding that the 6th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to confront one’s accuser, excludes hearsay evidence in most circumstances — especially when the direct evidence, in this case, is the transcript of the telephone call between the President and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

Graham also reiterated to Hannity he would bar any case against the President based on hearsay alone, suggesting the prospects of a motion to dismiss, WITHOUT EVER GOING TO TRIAL.

Adding, “Any resolution setting up a trial in the Senate — I’m going to make sure that hearsay cannot be the basis of an impeachment investigation.”

“If you excluded hearsay, like every other court in the land, there’s nothing there,” he added. “If you invoked the hearsay rule, what would be left?” He described impeachment based on hearsay as “a threat to the presidency itself.”

Graham added that he would require that the “whistleblower” testify.

“Any trial in the Senate must expose the whistleblower so the President can confront his accuser. I will not accept a trial in the Senate until I know who the whistleblower is,” he said.

Graham also said that Congress needed to satisfy questions about the whistleblower’s potential motivations and whether he had a role in former Vice President Joe Biden’s conflict of interest regarding his son Hunter’s board position in a corrupt Ukrainian company.

Moreover, perhaps it’s nothing more then worshipful thinking, however, can you imagine shifty Adam Schiff testifying under oath in the senate?

8 thoughts on “Graham Will Call Schiff to Testify under Oath in Senate if Trump’s Impeached”
  1. I have reached a point of no return. IMPEACHMENT BE DAMNED. The Electronic wonders we have today out reach anything and everything from the past. WE ALL know that politicians are the lying KIngs and Queens of the Entire Universe. Therefore I would like to see a Nationwide DEMAND for the Return of the “POLYGRAPH” to use in ALL COURT proceedings when there is any question of the HONESTY of a witnesses testimony. The Politicians of this country are the ones that way back when the device was first invented ( I was there ) that PUT UP SUCH A SCREAMING PROTEST OF ITS USE that they got it voted out. Now we can all understand why. Being in electronics most of my working career if you doubt the accuracy of an instrument of this type( have 3 different “techs.)run the calibration procedure and 3 different tests on one Volunteer person ea. time with the other 2 techs not present ( same questions ). It was established YEARS ago that if any person would Vehemently refuse that they were about 80-85 % GUILTY of something.. HEY FOLKS WE HAVE START SOMEPLACE. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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