House Pulls Subpoena of Bolton’s Deputy Charles Kupperman | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Since Taylor seems to have gotten all his info from the N.Y. Times, I, and most of the rest of the thinking population tend to think everything he has to say is utter bull shit! Adam Schiff has got top be the dumbest fool in the house as he keeps pushing his Russian collusion narrative. I want to see his proof. Poof! there is none.

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    Albert Clayton

    Your comments about the NYTimes being liberal tells me you obviously do not read the very publication you condemn. I have been reading the Times for 18 years or so. Yes, many of their columnists are “liberal.” Whatever that may mean to you- an editorial is an opinion. It is noted as such. I read many columns that are “conservative.” What makes them so? Is it because I don’t agree? Possibly so. But it is still “an opinion” and many times I am enlightened. The Times prints a lot of opinion I don’t agree with, but I’m not canceling my subscription because of it. If I want some ideological bull shit I watch Fox News.They don’t even have the decency to admit that the truth is totally irrelevant. All they want to do is to justify Trump and anyone that disagrees with them.
    Back to the Times and dropping your subscription. To me it is not total agreement. We need a free press and what I understand is you don’t. And I consider myself to be a conservative- seeking the truth all the while realizing I don’t possess it.


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