Apparently Donald Trump is not the only Republican who has been the target of a vast left-wing witch-hunt.

There have been ongoing calls to have controversial Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy recalled from office. The beleaguered governor’s critics say that he is “incompetent” and he is recklessly driving the state into financial ruin. On the other hand his supporters see a politically motivated attempt to undo the last election, much as Trump supporters see the left trying to reset the outcome of the 2016 presidential race.

Dunleavy, a Republican, has drawn such parallels between himself and President Donald Trump, casting himself as a chief executive trying to implement an agenda of smaller government and resource development while facing attacks from his enemies on the left, and the local media.

President Trump sees the similarities as well and has ardently defended Dunleavy on Twitter.

A state elections official could decide as early as next week, whether the first serious attempt to recall an Alaska governor since the early 1990s should advance to the second phase of signature-gathering. The decision could be challenged in court. The battle comes as Alaska, long reliant on oil to help pay for government expenses, is facing budget deficits. Alaska doesn’t have a personal income or statewide sales tax.

Dunleavy, elected last fall with 51% of the vote, has had a rocky year marked by lawsuits, fights with lawmakers and unions, and public outcry over budget vetoes that helped fuel the recall push.

According to a statement from 15 leaders of the group calling for his recall, Dunleavy “lacks a basic understanding of his own constituents and what we care about – respect for the separation of powers, responsible planning for economic stability and competent decision-making that makes Alaska a great place to live,”

At an October political event and in interviews with conservative outlets, Dunleavy said he is following through on his agenda of cutting government spending while his foes want to undo the election.

Two governors — Gray Davis in California in 2003 and Lynn Frazier in North Dakota in 1921 — have been recalled by voters, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In 2012, then-Gov. Scott Walker survived a recall election in Wisconsin.

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