While everyone is obsessed with highly partisan Democrat led impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, the wheels of justice continue to grind slowly but surely in another direction. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham has announced that he will hold a hearing on Dec. 11 featuring the Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz.

The IG’s scheduled appearance before the committee comes as Horowitz is wrapping up an investigation into the origins of the FBI probe into the 2016 Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia.

In a second bombshell announcement, Graham said on a recent broadcast of Fox’s “Hannity,’’ that days before that scheduled hearing, on December 9, that long awaited report will be released. On the broadcast when host Sean Hannity noted Horowitz will be coming before Graham’s committee as scheduled on Dec. 11, he asked Graham not to allow a “Friday night document dump” that could muffle the coverage of the news.

In response, Graham smiled and nodded, saying “It’ll be December 9th — you’ll get the report on the 9th, that’s locked.”

Horowitz told congressional lawmakers in an October letter that his investigation and ensuing report were nearing their conclusion. The “lengthy” draft report “concerns sensitive national security and law enforcement matters,” Horowitz wrote in the letter, adding that he anticipated “the final report will be released publicly with few redactions.”

Horowitz noted that he did not anticipate a need to prepare or issue “separate classified and public versions of the report.”

The long awaited report examines whether the FBI violated surveillance laws or policies by obtaining a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to look into Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser, who drew scrutiny from the intelligence community for his ties to Moscow.

In a statement announcing Horowitz’s appearance before his Committee on the 11th, Graham said, “I appreciate all the hard work by Mr. Horowitz and his team regarding the Carter Page FISA warrant application and the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign.”

The South Carolina Republican added that Horowitz “will deliver a detailed report of what he found regarding his investigation, along with recommendations as to how to make our judicial and investigative systems better.”

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