It has been revealed that beleaguered royal, Prince Andrew, who continues to fall from grace because of his alleged ties to deceased pedophile Jeffery Epstein, was still seeing Epstein’s procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, as late as this past summer.

The New York Post is reporting that Prince Andrew met with Jeffrey Epstein’s accused madam, in June, after the heat had already been turned up on his pedophile pal’s depraved behavior.

The Duke of York met with Maxwell, who was then described as a “close friend” of the prince, in the first week of June, when she was in London for the Cash & Rocket charity motor rally that ended four days later in Monaco, according to the Daily Mail. Maxwell, 57, was not in publicity photos taken at the event and was scrubbed from the rally’s website, the report says.

But she shared car number 28 with Nettie Mason, the wife of Pink Floyd rocker Nick Mason, at the event, which was also attended by Paris Hilton and Chloe Green, the report says.

It was soon after this very event, that word of Epstein’s arrest had been made public, and Maxwell promptly disappeared. Andrew admitted during his recent disastrous BBC interview that he last saw his friend in the spring or summer, but insisted they did not talk about mutual friend Epstein “because he wasn’t in the news.”

“We had moved on,” he said of the loyal friend who first introduced him to Epstein, sparking the downfall that has now come to him being stripped of his royal duties.

While Andrew has said he has “voluntarily stepped back” from his duties as prince, it is well known that he had to do so at the behest, of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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  1. Omg! Now i have to break my Pink Floyd records and destroy my Pink Floyd cds and tapes. My teen songs forever destroyed knowing My Fav Band is buds with pedophiles. Sick! And i have to scissors my love concert t-shirt that i kept all these years. In memory of a pedo band. Hell no! I cannot believe my music money went to rape and drug kids.

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