Rapes By Illegal Aliens Spike In Maryland Sanctuary City! | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Arielle Lancaster

    RAPE is accepted, and condoned by the Islam religion, so this horrible problem will unfortunately continue, as long as ICE has their hands tied !

  2. 2

    Sandra Smith

    What did they expect??? These are criminals whom they excuse from breaking 1 law, so why expect them to NOT break others according to their wants, just as they did the 1st by coming into our “home” uninvited and unwelcome???

  3. 3


    They need to make up their minds either they are going to follow the law or allow our family members to be raped and abused. My family is in Montgomery county and they all have changed political parties now that they see just how corrupt the democrats really are. After elections if he’s back he will change his mind again right now it’s all about getting the votes. Don’t trust him to have changed because just as fast as he has changed now he will again. Get the liars out of office.

  4. 4


    If not for innocent women being raped in the future it would be really nice to just tell that sanctuary city that it is now too late to request ICE help and that they would just have to handle the problems themselves.

  5. 5


    The mayor and the other leaders that allow this to happen should be held accountable. They should be sued and held civilly liable for protecting these illegals . It’s not fair to the law biding citizens. Let it happen to one of their family member and see how quickly the laws change.


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