As former Rudolph Giuliani has returned from Ukraine, allegedly with dirt on the Democrats, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has invited the former New York mayor, and current attorney to Donald Trump, to testify about his trip to Ukraine.

During a recent interview with One America News. Graham said he would be glad to talk with Giuliani so he can tell Congress what the attorney uncovered during his trip.

However, Graham added he would only take up the attorney’s testimony after the impeachment trial ends.

Giuliani has been leading efforts to uncover information about the Biden family’s ties to Ukraine and corruption. He visited the White House on Dec. 13, where he was seen leaving the West Wing. The administration has yet to comment on the reason behind the visit, but President Trump has asked the attorney to brief GOP senators and the DOJ on his findings from last week’s trip.

Giuliani has announced that he is preparing a report on Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine. In a series of tweets, he argued that Joe Biden used the office of vice president to protect his son Hunter’s scheme to launder dirty money from Ukraine into the U.S.

Giuliani said the dirty money of Ukrainian oligarchs went to Latvia and Cyprus before landing in Hunter Biden’s pocket. The attorney added Democrats are trying to cover up this money laundering scheme by launching what he calls the “impeachment hoax.”

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  1. This is what Trump was speaking about when he said”in the next few days and weeks there will be information coming out that will change everything”

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