Graham Renews Promise to Investigate Biden’s Ukraine Connection | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Jerry B Robison

    On Biden’s warning to Sen. Graham… that’s Joey boy talking out his rear end.

  2. 2


    Mr. Graham is completely full of crap. He’s promised to investigate a number of matters and has investigated exactly zero and he won’t do this one either. He likes to talk tough but never follows up.

  3. 3


    Why do the Democrats get to make all the rules? You have plenty of evidence of criminal dealing from multiple Democrats, FBI, CIA & whoever but you have done nothing while our President is harassed unrelentingly for nearly 3 years?

  4. 4


    Graham said Biden is a nice guy? Guess you just heard from the real Biden with that threat. Amazing that the democrats think they’re entitled to whatever they want and that their illegal activity is ok but they’re doing us Americans a favor by getting rid of Trump who essentially is putting a stop to their crises and their complacent way of life. They need to be removed and jailed. They are dividing this country and are going to start a civil war which is coming very soon. Unbelievable that theft think they can get away with everything and shouldn’t be investigated and they have a right to impeach. They shouldn’t be allowed any additional time and evidence if what they had was ok to impeach and such a strong case to do so the send that information only. Let the president get hisDue process which he was unconstitutionally denied in the first place. Then prosecute them. Put into effect that they cannot keep impeach whenever the president says boo. People take note who is wasting our hard earned money and deny them theirs by voting them out. Let Nancy and Adam go a k to their state and step in their own shit.


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