As the House Intelligence Committee, led by Adam Schiff, is drafting Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, top Republicans are saying that Schiff would do anything to see the president impeached – even play fast and loose with the truth.

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) denounced House Intelligence Schiff at a press event with Republican colleagues last week. McCarthy said Schiff has a problem with the truth and will lie if that is what it takes to impeach President Trump. McCarthy added, that perpetuating a lie is nothing new with the House Intel Committee chairman, it is something that people should expect from him.

Speaking to the press, McCarthy said, “Adam Schiff has a long history with a problem of telling the truth. Adam Schiff also has a long history to do anything above and beyond and even lie if it takes to impeach the president. We’re just finding another flag where Adam Schiff is doing it one more time.”

He was speaking of Schiff’s accusations that phone conversations indicating that Rep. Devin Nunes, and a member of his staff were in contact with Rudy Giuliani and his associate Lev Parnas, back in April and May, were somehow improper. In response to Schiff obtaining those phone records and including them in his impeachment report which was forwarded to the Judiciary Committee, McCarthy said, “Devin Nunes has the right to talk to anybody. They accused Devin Nunes of going to a country he was not at and as the job of being on the Intel Committee, he has to travel. Adam Schiff would know exactly where Devin was traveling at that time. To perpetuate a lie is nothing new to Adam Schiff. He will perpetuate a lie because he only wants to impeach. Lying to get to the president is something we have come to expect from him.

Schiff said he found the contacts between Nunes, Giuliani and his Ukraine associates, “deeply concerning” and that the California Republican could have been “complicit” in Giuliani’s attempts to dig up dirt on one of President Trump’s political rivals.

When asked about the allegation that he was helping to dig up dirt on the former vice president, Nunes demurred, brushing the accusation off as the Democrats’ futile attempt to win a losing game.

“Well, I think it’s what happens when it shows that you’re losing and you’re losing badly, right, when you’re willing to take phone records and then contrive up new conspiracy theories. I haven’t actually been able to read how they’ve detailed this, but what I’m hearing is that it’s some new conspiracy theory about how we’re now involved with the firing of an ambassador or something — I mean it’s really crazy town.”


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