Impeachment day, after all-is-said-and-done, may turn out to be a day of two contrasting realities. President Trump while being impeached by the House of Representatives is enjoying his highest approval rating since March of 2017, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived on Capital Hill bedecked all in black, as a sign of mourning.

The newly released Gallup poll on the morning of the President’s impeachment shows a 6-point jump for the Commander-in-Chief, a stunning contrast from when the impeachment folly first began in late September.

Then, the President’s approval rating plummeted to just 39%, as allegations swirled that the President had done something wrong involving Ukraine. However after weeks of unsubstantiated hearsay from disgruntled Democratic operatives, along with the President’s immediate release of the actual transcript of the July 25th phone call to his Ukraine counterpart, the public began to slowly realize that Democrats were once again playing “fast and loose” with the facts.

Slowly as the public watched and absorbed the charade orchestrated by one Adam Schiff, the Presidents approval numbers began to rebound, the public began seeing through the impeachment hoax, eerily familiar to what they had experienced just a few short months ago regarding the Mueller report that exonerated the President concerning the manufactured Russian collusion hoax, by the same Democratic players.

The poll, conducted from December 2 to December 15th, revealed the President’s approval rating had climbed to 45% the highest since March of 2017, while also maintaining solid support from his core base, within the Republican Party which currently stands at 89% of GOP respondents. However, on the flip side, only 8% of Democratic respondents approved of Trump’s performance in the White House.

As for the folly of impeachment, the poll revealed since a nervous Pelosi first announced she was moving forward in October with impeachment which stood at 52% approval, however after weeks of televised theater, without any substantive facts for impeachment, the numbers dropped to 46% and falling.

Moreover, opposition to impeachment also climbed 5 percentage points from 46% in October to 51% in December.

Contrast those figures on the same day Democrats are scheduled to vote on two articles of impeachment, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi entered the Capital Building bedecked all in black, lamenting to staff “I feel sad.”

Pelosi was apparently attempting to convey that this was a “somber occasion.”

Her Democratic House colleagues preempted her entrance telling CNN, that Pelosi was wearing black because it was a “somber day” and she was “sad” about impeaching the President.

Social media, of course, was abuzz with impeachment watchers taking to twitter.

“Note: @SpeakerPelosi is wearing black. One of her colleagues told me several of the female Democrats did that intentionally to signal it is a somber day #impeachment

— Dana Bash (@DanaBashCNN) December 18, 2019

“As she walked into the house chamber @SpeakerPelosi told me she “feels sad” #impeachment

— Dana Bash (@DanaBashCNN) December 18, 2019


Pelosi instructed her minions to stand united and not “to gloat” while they impeach the President. She said she does not want the caucus to seem like they are cheering the proceedings, according to multiple sources.

“Don’t cheer, keep it solemn,” a Democrat from a Trump-won district relayed Pelosi’s instruction.

“Pelosi and her staff have instructed her caucus to show unity and not to gloat at all during the proceedings, per multiple sources. She wants the public to see Democrats as taking this moment seriously and not be seen as cheering the President’s impeachment, members say”

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) December 18, 2019


However, after reading the President’s poll numbers, coming out “coincidently” on the same day, one can’t help but feel, if the black wearing Pelosi might actually be in mourning for her majority within the House, which is sure to slip away in 2020.


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