Nothing but perhaps the sound of crickets is being heard at CNN ever since it was revealed that their correspondent Andrew McCabe, has apologized for lying to investigators.

The former Deputy FBI Director, turned CNN pundit, recently apologized for lying to federal investigators concerning a 2016 leak to The Wall Street Journal about the Hillary Clinton email probe, but you wouldn’t know that if you were tuning in to his employer.

CNN has remained notably silent about the admission and apology.

Transcripts released last week revealed McCabe’s apology, which underscores his legal jeopardy, as U.S. Attorney John Durham continues the Justice Department’s criminal probe into potential bureau misconduct. The transcripts released by the Justice Department specifically raised the possibility that McCabe — now a paid CNN commentator — could face a false statements charge similar to the one leveled against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

As of the writing of this piece on Tuesday, Jan. 7, CNN has yet to cover the news of McCabe’s apology. This according to Fox News, which has conducted an extensive search of the network’s transcripts, since the news of the apology broke on Jan. 2.

McCabe has even made at least two appearances on CNN since the transcripts were released, once to discuss the conflict with Iran on Jan. 3 and another time to opine about Trump’s impeachment on Jan. 5.

After McCabe denied he had been responsible for the leak to the WSJ — which derailed the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton — in the transcripts that were released, he can be seen admitting that he did it, and apologizing to an agent who, in the interview, is chiding him for the time wasted by himself and fellow agents during the investigation.

CNN did not respond to a Fox’s request for comment about McCabe’s apology for lying to federal investigators. CNN also did not respond when asked to confirm that it didn’t cover news of the transcript showing as much.

4 thoughts on “CNN Embarrassingly Silent About McCabe Revelations”
  1. CNN is a little busy coming up with the money for the Covington kid at the moment. Trying to figure out who next they will have to lay off. Hopefully for their sake its the hosts who caused all this for them.

  2. That’s what they get for not checking their facts. They were once one of the more reliable news station but now they’re a joke. I hope the democrats were worth your credibility. I don’t watch your news station anymore

  3. Now perhaps donad trump should apologize for all, his lies. It will take a long time -since there are so many, but he should start now. It is never too late.

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