Don Jr. Says Republicans Who Don’t Vote for Bidens as Witnesses, Don’t Deserve to Be In Office | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Lucille Joyner

    What we are watching is a crazed grab for power by what has become a political cult led by Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, and a very pathologically disturbed Maxine Waters. They have all let their lust for power and their utter rage over losing in 2016 render them so mindless, they have no idea what they are doing to their own lives, nor how they look or sound to rational Democrats. The whole mania is beyond their control. Their reasoning is totally irrational. They have twisted every move of President Trump, trying to make themselves look like they are upholding Truth, but at the same time, ignoring the true quid pro quo by Joe Biden and his son. Their whole distorted theme is that Trump is evil but everything they do is OK. Since they can’t control themselves, they don’t even realize that the ‘normal’ Democrats see exactly what the situation is, and are not happy about it. They see real needs in the country are neglected because of this rage against Trump. The Political Cultists have not done one single thing to better our country. They are totally caught up in hating Trump and do not have time or interest in what America needs. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these top political cult members are not reelected, and it will be for the best. We all need rest from their endless and undying rage.


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