“Good Guy With a Gun” Saves Lives in Texas Church | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    This will have the Democrats and especially Joe Biden and Castro running around with their hair on fire. “Oh, Oh, you can’t do that, this thug has rights”.

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    Duke C Saunders

    This article is trying to use a tragedy to illustrate that a good guy with a gun is more important than having sensible gun control. Actually, both are equally important. What this article does show is that a well trained gun owner with a gun can and does make a difference, whereas a gun owner that isn’t will more than likely end up dead. The story tells about the checkered and criminal past of the killer, but fails to address the issue as to why our how this individual was able to procure a weapon in the first place. Most people that purchase guns don’t have have the qualifications that Mr. Wilson has, Mr. White didn’t and he’s dead. There are several things can be instituted that will help: institute logical methods for determining who should and who shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun; institute better methods of evaluating mental illness as it relates to evaluating one’s competency to own a weapon; insure laws are on the books that require every purchaser to pass a background check no matter what method is used to purchase a weapon; require gun purchasers that purchase for protection are trained in rudimentary safety. No gun sales should be legal unless both the seller and the purchaser have met all legal requirements, for example, private sales, online purchases, swap meets, and raffles. Will that stop the illegal sales and purchases of weapons, no. But the goal shouldn’t be to eliminate, that will be an impossibility, but it can be minimized, and that is what we should be striving for. We need to change the narrative of what common sense gun control is trying to accomplish. This article implies the answer is a good guy with a gun, but that is only one answer that has and should be having more than once answer.


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