Graham Calls for Swift Impeachment Trial and No Witnesses | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    I’m Embarrassed that our President who was voted in because of who he was and is, is being subjected to this unprecedented belligerent slandering un-understanding witch hunt with the Idea that NO other President in our history has ever done anything underhanded in order to accomplish a task no matter what that task was like making deals with “terrorist’s” and drug cartels and selling out to China and “GIVING” them all our computer and manufacturing technology which is far far worse than what he is accused of. And the things mentioned here were done by “Democrats”. and now with their Socialistic utopia being dismantled, they are grasping at straws in hopes of getting him thrown out and while their accusations are hurting themselves more and more their hopes of stealing future elections by blocking voter ID which every HONEST American has no problem with, by the way, is slowly coming to an end. and if I were President I would make sweeping changes in our system starting with “term Limits” and making sure they all have no better health care than the rest of us.
    By the way, I have Never seen so many Trump supporters and hats and stickers, Never!

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    Larry Pinkerton

    no witnesses get it over now


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