In the wake of rising tensions with the US, Iran’s space agency has announced plans to launch two spy satellites!

Iranian officials said the 200 pound Zafar satellites, which we designed and built domestically, have already been delivered to Iran’s space center. Both satellites reportedly have four high resolution color cameras to monitor conditions on Earth from space. Analysts say Iran could attempt to launch the satellites in the coming months in alignment with national holidays.

Iran has claimed the purpose of their country’s satellite program is for scientific and civilian missions.

“The two observation satellites, Zafar 1 and 2, have been built by scientists and experts at Iran University of Science and Technology and ordered by the Iranian Space Agency,” stated Morteza Barari, head of the Space Agency. “God willing, these satellites will be sent to the space launch site for being sent into orbit.”

The US and other western nations have long been suspicious of Iran’s space program amid concerns over the country’s use of ballistic missile technology. Last year, Iran tried and failed to successfully launch two satellites into orbit when one of its delivery rockets exploded prematurely on the ground. If they will be successful this time, remains to be seen.

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