According to the latest Fox News poll, former Vice President Joe Biden remains at the top of the Democratic heap.

The Fox News Poll, which was released on December 22, shows that more democratic voters think that Biden is the most capable of beating President Trump of the still burgeoning field of competitors.

In addition to performing the best of all potential matchups against Trump, the poll indicated that Biden has the largest number of Democrats, as well as voters overall, saying his positions on the issues are “about right.”

Per the poll, 77% percent of Democratic primary voters think Biden can beat Trump in next year’s presidential election, up from 68% in October. Smaller majorities say the same about Bernie Sanders (60 percent), Elizabeth Warren (59 percent), and Mike Bloomberg (55 percent). Forty-eight percent think Pete Buttigieg can win — an 18-point jump from 30 percent in October.

In hypothetical head-to-heads, Biden tops Trump by 48-41 percent and has the only lead outside the poll’s margin of sampling error.

Running down the Democratic race: Biden leads overall with 30 percent, followed by Sanders at 20 percent. Warren returns to third with 13 percent, down from a high of 22 percent in October.

Next, it’s Buttigieg (7 percent), Bloomberg and Amy Klobuchar (5 percent each), Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang (3 percent apiece), and Cory Booker (2 percent). The remaining candidates garner 1 percent or less.

Biden’s lead comes mostly from voters ages 45 and over (up by 26 points), moderates/conservatives (+20), and non-whites (+13).  Sanders wins among voters under 35 (+19) and white men (+1).

Sanders and Warren have experienced fairly significant swings in support, while Biden’s numbers have barely budged since March, staying between 29-35 percent. At the same time, his current 10-point edge over Sanders is down from a 19-point lead in June.

But don’t place any bets just yet. Nearly half of those currently backing any candidate, say they could change their mind.

One thought on “Latest Polls Still Show Biden as Democrats Front Runner”
  1. If Joe Biden is the best that the Dems can do, they are in trouble.

    The best they really have is Tulsi Gabbard. Even Republicans would vote for her. I know I would.

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