Patrick Stewart Says He Reprises His Role as Piccard to the Rebuke of Trump | Patriots 4 Freedom

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  1. 1

    Mark Emilio

    I was going to order cbs all access to watch this program, but if this is the kind of brainless garbage they are going to peddle, I doubt I will waste my money!

  2. 2

    Jeffrey Joseph

    Very disappointing that politics and Hollywood mix the way they do today. I am a Trekkie looking forward to Piccard. I will still watch the show, but I am disappointed by Stewart’s words.

  3. 3


    I wonder if these actors, especially the foreign ones, have the foggiest notion of just how much nobody gives a hoot about what they think. Paddy, play your little role (which you were quite good at) and leave the real world to the big boys in the real world. Idiot.

  4. 4

    Allen Moser

    I will never watch a Star Trek with P. Stewart in it. So it doesn’t make any difference what he does.

  5. 5

    Jim E Altman

    I have always admired Patrick Stewart as Piccard. After reading his statement about we are all F**ked because of President Trump, I have lost the admiration for him and will advise everyone I know that his new movie “Piccatd” is F**ked.
    The only use for actors is acting. We don ‘t care about their opinions. Just keep acting.

  6. 6

    Paul D France

    Well I guess I won’t be watching this new Star Trek series. I’m a huge fan of all the Trekkie shows and movies, but I’m turned off to Mr. Patrick (Leftist) Stewart.

  7. 7


    Well I guess I’m no longer going to be into Captain Picard and Star trek. He thinks the UK and the US is f***** because of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson I think he has it ass backwards

  8. 8

    David ll

    Guess its time to stop subsidizing Mr. Stewart !!!

  9. 9

    Pat Morgan

    This man is a British subject and a resident/visitor of the United States by granted permission. While, as such, he enjoys freedom of speech and is paid for his talent, he should be humbled and refrain from voicing political opinions, whether favorable or unfavorable.

  10. 10


    As such a good actor, your comments reflect stupid ranting. The US has grown and prospered under the leadership of our president. Look at the last president, Americans and Christians were getting their heads cut off and he (Obama) send a token response. The truth will come out about the left and I hope they are prosicuted to the max.

    A real vet not an actor in charge.
    F U 2

  11. 11


    Well he certainly has that all screwed up. Trump is not making us isolationists. What he is trying to do is make our trade deals better for the American people. Apparently Stewart thinks that the governments in both the UK and America should be able to take advantage of its people. What a putz. I use to like the guy but not so much now.

  12. 12

    Patrick, Listening to you is really to much , you see you need to stay in Star trek where you can just act and be out of this world. Move back to England. To many of you actors think they can tell the rest of us what to do, its not going to work. We do not care what you Hollywood people think, you guys are in your own world, Beam yourself out of here.

  13. 13

    Joseph Weydemann

    Mr Stewart, I have loved everything I have seen you in. Please explain why you cannot just be an entertainer? Most people watch TV shows to relax. Late night comedy Talk Shows now are horrible. Sports and Kapernic are ruining sports. If I want to find stories on politics, human rights abuses and on. I have the Internet and so many news channels I will go there. I am sure you and your liberal pals could buy tv time or speak out at lectures.

    What is odd to me Hollywood and entertainers get paid well for playing make believe. The rest of us have to push very hard to make it. I am sure you do not need to work you choose too. Actors could make one or two movies a year and make money. Depending on the film the actors may only have to work a couple months. Then sit back.

    Why do you hate other actors just because they see the world different than you and other actors. Hollywood wants to silence half the nation. How is it okay for you and others to take away our rights?

    Be Well

  14. 14


    It’s too bad that otherwise brilliant people can be so stupid in such large ways. But Star Trek the original series is still the spark which started it all , and whereas the next generation was entertaining, it was always “Star trek light” Even this idiocy from Stewart will not make a dent in what was an is the beauty of Star trek.

  15. 15


    Patrick Stewart is obviously drinking the leftist koolaid. He has played a very likable character, but his personal rhetoric is out of character and plain moronic. I am done with him. Piccard is off my watch list now. Perhaps the “Q” was right about him being stupid Gene Luck Pickerd.

  16. 16

    Bruce Kissack

    Well, that did it for me! Was totally looking forward to the new series but after Stewart’s comments, I won’t watch a single minute.
    Show business is show business, I could care less what any of the industries so so’s have to think!!

  17. 17

    Joe Moore

    Stewart has lost his Fucking mind and needs to be in a locked rubber room.

  18. 18


    I reluctantly agree with Patrick. The United States and England are fucked up!
    The USA has become a nation not to be trusted and no longer seems reliable.
    Under President Trump, the USA has walked away from international agreements, worsened the environment, is preparing for another devastating Middle East war against Iran. The USA doesn’t keep its word and have estranged long time allies. These estranged allies are looking at China to work with.
    To use an analogy, the United States is the quarterback that can no longer lead the team (world) anymore. This quarterback belongs on the bench. The USA has lost its mojo. Too bumbling under this horrible president.

  19. 19


    Another idiot actor who thinks they count – lol

  20. 20


    As a retired Veteran, Patrick Stewart needs to pull his head out his rear end. Trump is doing what needs to be done.

  21. 21

    John Russell

    Love Picard, but 100% DISAGREE. Trump has been great for USA and to those that don’t see it are living in a fantasy world with a clouded view. For those of us of the working class that contribute to America, we feel Trump has our back.

  22. 22


    Never did like Piccard as the Captain of the enterprise. Won’t watch this new movie either. Patrick Stewart sure feels the need to use the F word a lot, must be something from his background.

  23. 23

    Terry Kumor

    I was excited to see the new series about Pickard but now that I know about Patrick Stewart’s attitude I will definitely NOT be watching it!!! Actors think the world revolves around what they think but it doesn’t. They need to get over themselves!!!

  24. 24


    Patrick Stewart is just another “HarveyWood-Epstein” actor enjoying a diminishing career like Bobby DeZero.
    Always seeking the limelight, these fading attention hounds have nothing in common with the 65 million conservative voters who needed & wanted a break from failed liberal policies. Trump has provided that.

    These old & washed up actors think their vacuous opinions matter & that they are swaying the general public. Wrong on both counts. Conservatives need to stop supporting & funding these out-of-touch fools, their movies and companies.

  25. 25

    Fed up

    And I should listen to this unGodly person for…why?

  26. 26

    Mike Coym

    Well, there goes Star Trek, by the way, I don’t remember anyone asking for his two cents. boycott Star trek “Piccard” He needs his writers because when left to himself you can tell he needs a script to read in order to be relevant.

  27. 27

    Patriot Mac

    Patrick Stewart is a walking dildo! Send him to Mars and leave him there…matter of fact, he can take Piglosi, Adam Schitt , Chucky Cheese Schumer, Arswipe Adler & any of the other Demidiots that need put out to pasture!

  28. 28

    Mark Johnson

    Could the engineer of the Enterprise adjust the transporter to where it could just beam his ugly bald head and beak nose to another planet. Venus would be a good choice, it’s a vulgar planet like his head, full of rocks, and hot….totally a waste….like most Hollywood actors!

  29. 29


    I really liked the Star Trek series, and one of the main reason was the respect for their leaders that allowed the crew to all work together effectively for the good of humanity. I never saw people refusing to eat in the same restaurant as Picard because they disagreed with his views, or yelling at others that disagreed with them. The anger we see in politics today is just wrong. There was disagreement on the show, but it was handled with dignity and respect. Whatever Patrick’s personal views, the show was good.

  30. 30

    B McGrath

    Hrmmmm, f–ked? Employment up, stagnant economy thriving. F–ied? A president whose views on immigration, tax policy, mirror my own. F–KED??? Hell if this is F–ked, gimme 4 more years!


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