Pelosi Sets Timeline to Move Forward With Impeachment | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Say what??? Fair trial?? Like what DJT got from the House-no witnesses, no lawyers, no cross on their witnesses, hearings in secret, ….. That was a fair hearing?? The Demorats told the GOP to go pound salt when they requested anything and NOW she wants FAIRNESS??? Pray McConnell tells them to “go pound salt”.

  2. 2


    Pussy Pelosi, have another drink you POS!

  3. 3


    That c—t needs to be removed permanently by any means necessary now

  4. 4


    Piglosi Totally senile wicked witch mental retard please DD and GTH

  5. 5

    Barry A Compton

    I am so sick of hearing about this impeachment crap and Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has a big mouth that says nothing , she has mental health issues and should not be allowed to make any big decisions. You mean to tell me the government has nothing better to do than sit around and talk impeachment. There be something else they could ben doing . Makes me feel sad about our government.

  6. 6

    Max Thode

    100 per cent correct. Not only is she an embarrasment to the country, her followers are indicative of how corrupt our education system is. Her supporters show what kind of mind control is in existance. Voters need to do some reading and individual fact search.


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