President Trump has taken to Twitter to express his feelings about Democrats from his beloved city, saying that the relentless partisan rebukes of him by Democrats in New York City and the state of New York “makes me hate them.”

The biased media quickly spun the president’s words to claim that he said he hated the city and state.

“So sad to see that New York City and State are falling apart. All they want to do is investigate to make me hate them even more than I should. Governor Cuomo has lost control, and lost his mind. Very bad for the homeless and all!” Trump tweeted.

Of course this is not the first time that the president has gone on toe-to-toe with New York Democrats, who he says have been involved in an unprecedented effort to “take him out.”

“The Radical Left Democrats have failed on all fronts, so now they are pushing local New York City and State Democrat prosecutors to go get President Trump. A thing like this has never happened to any President before. Not even close!” he tweeted back in October.

It’s bad enough that President Trump was subjected to intense scrutiny by the U.S. intelligence apparatus before even being elected to office and has been held under a microscope by Democrats — who weaponized the lower branch of Congress in their pursuit of undoing the 2016 election results.

In addition to this campaign, the president is locked in a legal battle with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who is pursuing Trump’s tax returns. The Supreme Court is expected to hear three cases regarding the president’s financial records in early 2020. Two cases concern subpoenas issued by House Democrats and the third centers on an investigation by Vance.

And the New York vendetta against one of its former “favorite sons,” does not stop there. New York State Attorney General Letitia James is also pursuing Trump’s tax returns and financial records — Democrats in the state passed the TRUST Act early this year allowing New York officials to access the president’s tax returns if they were already requested by the federal government.

James’ office also pursued the lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, alleging that it violated state and federal charity law.

Governor Cuomo has made it clear time and time again that the state will be doggedly going after Trump.

6 thoughts on “Trump Says New York Governor Cuomo Has “Lost His Mind””
  1. Mr President, you’re not the only one that hates these Democrat lawmakers, AG, and governor. There are many of us that feel the same way. No bail required on serious crimes law, NYS driver’s license for illegal aliens law, just to name a few. The left has been killing this state for the last 30 years. Time for my Family to get the hell out. The governor has already said that I’m not welcome in my state. Common sense blue dog dem is a thing of the past now it’s just a bunch of hateful hypocritical nut jobs. Can’t wait to get the heck out and would recommend you do the same.

  2. You would think these morons had better things to do, like take care of all the crime, homelessness and the fact everyone is moving out of the state so much in fact New York will lose seats in the House. The state is going broke but they have plenty of money to pay attorneys to try and get Trumps taxes. Why is it so many elected New York officials are getting arrested for corruption?

  3. The Dems in New York are like catfish..scouring the bottom for tidbits. The governor is like a rabid animal, running around drooling for something he can’t have. Get a life skankmo!

  4. The Dems in New York are like catfish..scouring the bottom for tidbits. The governor is like a rabid animal, running around drooling for something he can’t have. Get a life skankmo!

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